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7 Tips for Lasting Marriage

Experts tell how to give your union staying power

The Institute for Family Studies is a reliable source for cutting-edge statistics and analysis on marriage, family and related issues. Below is a summary of a very practical compilation of the best advice IFS has compiled on how to make your marriage last.

1. Make the little moments count
Our daily habits and interactions have the greatest impact on our marriage over the years. … in successful marriages, positive interactions outnumber negative ones. 

2. Take time to relax together
While it doesn’t matter so much when we spend time together, a consistent research finding is that strong marriages are built on cultivating a friendship that includes shared leisure time.

3. Make worship and prayer a priority
Research consistently shows that shared religious practices, like prayer and attending religious services, are tied to marital quality and happiness. 

4. Share your marriage with others
There is value in sharing our imperfect-but-mostly-happy marriages with younger couples or marriage-minded singles … we need more happily married individuals and couples who are brave enough to be open about their blissful unions, including celebrities.

5. Seek out older, wiser couples for support
We can also gain hope from the seasoned married couples in our lives, who too often are an untapped resource for couples who are struggling.

6. Don’t be afraid to get professional help
Even in the best marriages, professional help is sometimes necessary. For couples who might wonder if their relationship needs outside help, Dr. Jason Whiting highlighted six relationship “red flags.” 

7. Keep on keeping on
Finally, and most importantly, a consistent theme we’ve shared on this blog is don't give up on your marriage. … Contrary to what many people think, marital quality does not inevitably decline—it tends to remain high or even improve over the decades.

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