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Be a Hero Dad

3 steps make all the difference for your kids

Dr. Meg Meeker talks to fathers from the heart and backs up her words with clinical experience as a pediatrician. Her conclusion: Dad, you are a hero to your kids – so act like one. It’s not an impossible quest. In fact, in these three steps taken from popular author Bréne Brown, Dr. Meeker lays out a simple, surefire way to become a great dad who raises good kids.

Start today to be a hero, dad:

Hero dads are present.
They are present physically and emotionally. They spend intentional time with their kids and they listen to them. They don’t just simply throw the ball; they listen to what their kid is saying as they’re throwing it.

Be a Hero Dad

Hero dads are careful with their words.
Dad’s words can make or break a child. When you tell your child something, he or she will internalize it as truth. If you say your child strong or brave, he or she will think the same. You have the power to build up your child’s character simply by using your words.

Hero dads lead, instead of coach.
There’s a big difference between a coach and a leader. Coaches can teach skills and encourage their execution, but a leader brings vision, which is another way of saying a moral framework for how life is to be lived.

Any dad, no matter how strong, can be present, use his words to build up his child and give a healthy vision to his child for what kind of person he or she can be.

This is being a hero dad.

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