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A Father-Son Tale

Short film ‘catches’ classic fatherhood theme

David Henrie has a message for fathers. Spend time with your kids, not just for their sake but also for your own. This simple theme is movingly portrayed in a 10-minute film called “Catch,” which Henrie directed, about an 8-year-old boy who goes to extremes to get his busy dad to play catch with him.

A former Disney Channel star who played alongside Selena Gomez, Henrie has a large youth following. Now 24 years old, he hopes to reach a large adult audience as well with this film’s serious yet uplifting theme.

Henrie told Fathers for Good in an interview that he was raised Catholic but did not attend Mass regularly while growing up. He noted that in recent years, he has developed a stronger connection to his faith.

The film was released June 5, in advance of Father’s Day. You can view the trailer of “Catch” or buy the entire film by visiting the official website.