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Catholics Come Home® has reached millions with a simple invitation

Tom Peterson is a man with a plan who isn’t afraid to take risks. You may have seen his organization’s TV ads on college football games, with the iconic former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz talking about his Catholic faith. Or maybe your diocese has launched the Catholics Come Home program to draw thousands back to Mass.

A former corporate advertising executive who had a conversion experience back to the Catholic faith in 1997, Peterson has dedicated his life to bringing the “lost sheep” back to the fold that Jesus founded.

Tom Peterson (right) spends time with coaching legend Lou Holtz, who appeared in Catholics Come Home TV ads.

Recently, a book based on his ministry was published. Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life! tells his personal story and the start and growth of his ministry, and gives a practical plan for deepening your own faith and bringing others back to share the joy of Catholicism.

Fathers for Good corresponded with Peterson by email.

Fathers for Good: Surveys show that 31% of Americans were raised Catholic, but only 24% still call themselves Catholic. Is your goal to bring that 7% back to church?

Tom Peterson: Given that currently only 6% of Americans are practicing Catholics (one-fourth of the 24% baptized Catholics), the goal of Catholics Come Home® is not only to bring home the remaining 75% of baptized Catholics in America and worldwide who don’t practice regularly or not at all. We also want to bring home the 94% of souls who are not living the sacramental life in the Holy Catholic Church, the one started by Jesus himself!

Additionally, we want to bring practicing Catholics deeper in their faith, too, by inspiring them to partake in an active role in the New Evangelization, by reading and applying the principles of my new Random House book Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life!

FFG: You’ve run national TV ads. Why such a high profile? 

Peterson: God has much good work planned for us, and the Good Shepherd doesn’t want to lose any of his flock, so we must continue our major media campaigns of the New Evangelization!

According to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Catholics Come Home® “has a statistically verifiable program of bringing people back to the Church.” Our 35 regional Catholics Come Home® campaigns have be guided by the Holy Spirit, quantifiably helping over 350,000 souls home to Jesus and his Church. Our National Network campaign (CBS, NBC, Telemundo, cable, etc.) at Christmas 2011 reached 125 million viewers 10 times each; our College Football playoff evangomericalTM featuring Coach Lou Holtz reached 70 million viewers; and our Lent 2013 Bible Miniseries Epic evangomericalTM reached 100 million viewers.

When the spiritual warfare is great, our response as faithful Christians must be even greater! Thanks to God’s grace and mercy, Catholics Come Home® has proven effective and fruitful, delivering an incredible return on investment – one that lasts for an eternity.

FFG: What is the greatest satisfaction you get from doing what you do?

Peterson: Living in God’s will and loving souls to heaven is my greatest satisfaction.  I am humbled that God called me, the son of a postal worker and first one in my family to graduate college, to be part of this amazing adventure of reaching a quarter of a billion viewers and helping nearly a half million souls home to Jesus and his Church. With God, all things are possible and each of us has a unique role to play in God’s divine plan. Now is the time to discover God’s extraordinary plan for your life! Our world needs Catholic heroes. Each of us is called to grow closer to God and help change the world for the better. God loves you.

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