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Catholics Come Home

Media apostolate debuts EWTN series

By Jason Godin, Associate Editor, Fathers for Good

You may have heard about Catholics Come Home® while watching a college football bowl game. Over the past two years, the Catholic media apostolate has produced and aired commercials during the bowl season that include such famous names as former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. The spots mix stunning graphics with short testimonials to deliver an inspiring invitation – consider the call of the Holy Spirit to return to the Catholic Church.

According to Tom Peterson, founder and president of Catholics Come Home, some 500,000 people have responded to that invitation over the past few years. Encouraged by that success, the innovative evangelizing effort now expands from short commercials to 13 half-hour EWTN episodes to help current Catholics participate in the new evangelization. The new television series will feature a guest for the first half of each show before sharing inspirational, easy ways for viewers to spread the Catholic faith. Filming locations stretch across North America, from Vancouver and Denver to Philadelphia and Providence.

Tom Peterson of Catholics Come Home hosts a new EWTN series for the new evangelization.

Fathers for Good spoke with Peterson as the series is set to air on EWTN in the United States and Canada on Thursday, September 4 at 10 p.m. (Eastern).

Fathers for Good: What makes your new series different than current series on EWTN such as “The Journey Home”?

Tom Peterson: Marcus Grodi (host of “The Journey Home”) has done an excellent job for years. He typically features guests, most of whom were Protestant preachers who converted to the Catholic faith, who are interviewed in-studio for the entire hour of the show.

“Catholics Come Home”, however, is filmed on location in cities across the United States and Canada. The scenery is breathtaking, and we get to see where our guests live. Our guests include former atheists, agnostics, converts and reverts who all responded to the call of the Holy Spirit by means of seeing a Catholics Come Home TV commercial we call an “evangomercial.”

FFG: How did St. John Paul II inspire both the creation and production of the series?

Peterson: He was the first to encourage all Catholics to usher in a new springtime of hope as part of the New Evangelization, once proclaiming that “darkness can only be scattered by light; hatred can only be conquered by love.” We ran with his wise counsel by creating the apostolate of Catholics Come Home on television, first as commercials and now as a series.

FFG: Where do you see live media, such as video streaming, taking the New Evangelization?

Peterson: Instant means of getting information we seek with the click of a button! We can drop a Catholics Come Home message into someone’s favorite show using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. In the future, we may test putting Catholics Come Home ads online in Hulu TV shows and movies.

For more information, visit CatholicsComeHome.org.