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The Christmas Gift of Self

Submit your ideas on how you can give the gift of service

We know in our hearts at this time of year that it is “more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), but we may be unsure what exactly to give. TV ads and store windows tell us that bigger and more expensive is better, but our faith warns against excessive consumerism and extravagance.

Maybe this is the Christmas for a gift of your self. Give a gift that comes from the heart, that says to the recipient that you think and care very much about him or her.

This also may be the Christmas to volunteer – not just to give a gift that represents yourself, but to give your very own self in service to the needy. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, a shelter, a pregnancy center for young women in need, or you can deliver Christmas meals and gifts to families through your parish or community food pantry.

The Knights of Columbus has an excellent program called Coats for Kids, in which local councils purchase new coats for children during the cold winter months.

Whatever you choose to do, when you give your self, you are giving the very best that God has given you. Merry Christmas!

Below, please enter your ideas on how to give your own self in service as a gift this Christmas.