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Faith and Fatherhood

New book gathers experts to equip and encourage today’s dads

By Brian Caulfield, FFG Editor

Faith and Fatherhood

A new book on fatherhood has just been published by Pauline Books & Media, and I am honored to have served as editor of the volume. Man to Man, Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Fatherhood has a personal Foreword by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York, who writes about his own relationship with his dad, and chapters by 12 other experts on different topics affecting the lives of men.

In the concluding chapter, I sum up the message of the book by outlining “Three Simple Steps” – Pray, Love, Confess.

Here is the book summary from Pauline Books & Media, i.e., Daughters of St. Paul:

The identity and purpose of fathers in contemporary society is more uncertain than ever before. Cultural shifts such as rising rates of divorce and single motherhood, conception through sperm donation and in vitro fertilization, and the educational and professional advancements of women have confused traditional paternal roles and family unit structures. As a result, a perception has been created whereby fatherhood is undervalued – or thought to be altogether unnecessary.

But this perception is misguided – especially for Catholic fathers who are vital to supporting the structure of the family unit: the “domestic church.”

In this collection of faith-filled reflections by fourteen Catholic men, the value of a Catholic father's identity and purpose is affirmed in the context of modern society. Acknowledging our workaholic tendencies and the constant struggle to strike a balance between family life and work life, fathers are provided with a realistic approach to making their relationships with God, their wives, and children more involved and fulfilling.

Blending personal anecdotes from Catholic fathers, models of fatherhood in the parables of Jesus, Scriptural passages, references to other publications, and allusions to Church teachings and figures of authority, this guidebook helps Catholic dads find the path to living as faithful family men through three simple steps: pray, love, confess. 

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan

Introduction: Dads in Deed, by Brian Caulfield

1: The Prodigal Son Meets the Forgiving Father, by Mike Aquilina
2: St. Joseph: A Man's Man, by Rick Sarkisian
3: Balancing Work and Home Life: Insights from the Experts, by Brian Caulfield
4: Five Steps for Disciplining Kids, by Ray Guarendi
5: Good Sports for Kids, by Gerald Korson
6: A Father's Vital Presence, by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
7: The Best Sex You Will Ever Have, by Jonathan Doyle
8: Theology of the Body for Fathers, by Damon C. Owens
9: Millennials, Morality, and New Evangelization, by Jason Godin
10: Superdad: More Than an Action Figure, by Bill Donaghy
11: You Can Keep Your Kids Catholic, by Patrick Madrid
12: Repairing a Broken Marriage, by Peter Kleponis
13: Breaking the Chains of Porn, by Mark Houck

Conclusion: Three Simple Steps, by Brian Caulfield

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