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‘For Greater Glory’ Now on DVD

The role of Knights of Columbus in bringing peace to Mexico is highlighted in film

The gripping and inspiring drama about the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico in the early 20th century has been released on DVD. “For Greater Glory” is a story of a period in Mexican history that even most Mexicans have not been taught about, when the secularist government turned against the Church and her people in the majority Catholic country.

Starring Andy Garcia as General Enrique Gorostieta, a historical figure who led the Cristero rebellion against the government, the film tells the important story of what happens when a government seeks to suppress religion. The key role of the Knights of Columbus in highlighted, showing how the Order petitioned the U.S. government to intervene for a peaceful resolution. Six priests who were members of the Order were martyred for their faith and were canonized in 2000.

Visit the Knights of Columbus website for more information about the movie and ordering the DVD.