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When I First Heard I Was a Dad

The March 25th feast of the Annunciation, when the angel told Mary she would be the mother of Jesus, should remind us of the miracle of conception. Do you remember when your wife said that you were a dad?

By Brian Caulfield

This is one of those “clueless guy” stories about a wonderful and sacred moment in my marriage. I am a bit embarrassed to tell it but take solace in the fact that I’m not alone. My story is far from unique, if guys will be honest.

That is why I am asking all you fathers out there to share your own story (in the comment box below) about how your wife told you she was first pregnant, and how you reacted to the news.

Here’s my story.

We were married in June 1998 and still without a child in February 2000, despite our great desire to have a baby. It was very frustrating, yet we remained prayerful and hopeful, trusting in the Blessed Mother’s intercession and the guidance of St. Joseph.

In late February that year, my wife told me she was having a “routine” check up with her gynecologist. She had undergone a couple of surgeries shortly after we were married to remove benign tumors, so I asked her if there was anything wrong, and she told me not to worry.

Later that day, the receptionist at my office buzzed to say that my wife was there to see me. Oh-no, I thought, this has got to be bad news. I took a deep breath, walked bravely to the reception area and tried to smile as I hugged my wife.

“Can we talk in private?” she asked.

Double oh-no, I thought. I took her to the conference room, held her hand as I settled her in a chair, closed the door and girded myself for the worst. She told me to sit down, but I knelt down so I could look into her eyes.

She pulled a baby blue rattle out of her bag and began shaking it. Still expecting bad news, I thought, “What can a rattle mean? Am I missing something?”

Finally, she told me, “You’re a daddy!” The words still didn’t quite register in my brain but I suddenly sensed from her smile that this was good news. She repeated, “You’re a daddy!” and I lurched forward to hug her, finally realizing that she was pregnant! “And you’re a mommy!” I added. I started laughing and hugging her till tears flowed from my eyes.

After more than a year of waiting, the gracious moment had finally arrived. We still laugh today at how clueless I was, and we still have that baby rattle – along with two wonderful boys, ages 10 and 6.

Brian Caulfield is editor of Fathers for Good.