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Sacred music CD has a touch of angelic choir

It is not surprising that a community of cloistered nuns, who spend their lives in praise of God, should have mastered the Church’s sacred chants and polyphony. The real story behind this collection of music is the married couple who produced it. They both had successful careers in the secular music industry, living on different coasts, yet after they found one another, they soon rediscovered their Catholic faith and all that it called them to do.

Starting their own company, DeMontfort Music, Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons have produced the CD “Advent at Ephesus” with the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of Apostles. It is sold under the Decca label, a mainstream distributor.

Fathers for Good corresponded with Fitzgibbons, who lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife, Monica, and their five children.

Fathers for Good: Tell us about the journey you and your wife took from mainstream to sacred music.

Kevin Fitzgibbons: My wife and I held different executive roles in the music business and met at a convention when I was working for SONY Music (Columbia Records) and she for DreamWorks, SKG. We were both raised Catholic, but at that time in our lives we were not necessarily seeking the “devout life” as much as we were seeking the “me” life. I was living in Los Angeles and she in New York City, and we were very much of the world.

Later, Monica’s company moved her to their headquarters in Los Angeles and we got to know each other. Very quickly, after dating, we both felt called to the married life. It was very odd that we were able to find one another in the business that we were in. Somehow, through all of the noise in our lives, we both recognized that if we were going to take the sacrament of marriage seriously, we owed it to one another and to any future earthly children we might be blessed with to build a solid foundation that would be more fertile to married and family life. We both desired to build our domestic church on solid ground, so we started our journey to discovering the faith. This led us farther away from certain aspects of the entertainment business that we were experiencing at that time.

FFG: How did you meet these monastic sisters?

Fitzgibbons: The quick answer to this is the Holy Ghost! The long-winded answer is that my wife and I have a couple of companies together, and one of them is an entertainment company called AimHigherMedia that was named after a book on the “Spiritual and Marian Reflections of St. Maximilian Kolbe;” and the company is utilized to help advise and assist Catholic artists in all areas of the business. From time to time, people will send us music and providentially our son Michael grabbed a CD with a beautiful image of Our Lady on the front and wanted to hear it on a family road trip.

On this particular cover was the “Madonna of the Roses” and the entire packaging was really special, so already I knew it had to be pretty good if leading with Our Lady! It quickly became a family favorite. We heard something there that we thought could have great potential. Eventually we contacted the Benedictines of Mary, made a trip to their monastery to see them, and they were open to helping us to advance our mission of offering the true and beautiful in music to the world. More importantly, upon getting to know more about their community, we wanted to help serve them, as they are a growing order. This road seemed like a good place to start!

FFG: What of your contact with Decca?

Fitzgibbons: My wife, Monica, many years ago in Boston, worked with the GM of Decca. She played him a demo and described what our record label was about and he immediately grasped the concept. Decca has a long history with sacred music; in fact they released “Alma Mater” with the Holy Father as well as the Cistercian Monks of Heligenkreuz and many others. I joke that my wife is very much like St. Teresa of Avila. If you know anything about St. Teresa, she got things done that many thought were impossible, worked hard for Christendom and subscribed to the motto of “God alone” and that all things were possible in Christ. My wife is very much like that – a real go-getter, and I can see Christ works through her.

FFG: Tell us about your family life?

Fitzgibbons: We are a tight knit group. It is a good busy, but our children are very much a part of what we are trying to do. Like I mentioned, this is mission work and we feel very blessed and committed to be able to utilize our experience in this way; but like all things in life, we attempt to strike a balance, and sometimes we fail but we are very much consecrated to Our Lady and our domestic church is at the center.

My wife and I are both committed to raising saints; and that is our full-time vocation. Our previous business model in the entertainment business was very much a lifestyle; but today, our most important job is to try to communicate to our children that “God sees them and that eternity is near” (taken from Blessed Louis Martin). Today, it is a mission of innocence.

FFG: What has the Knights of Columbus meant in your life?

Fitzgibbons: I think one of the greatest things that the Knights has done for me is that they have introduced me to very heroic men leading amazing lives. Leaders and spiritual warriors are in no short supply in this group. It was important for me to surround myself with a Christ-centered group of men. The Knights have members representative of all seasons of life; some are young fathers, some empty nesters and some are widowers and veterans; it is a great opportunity to be around a solid group of men working together in their communities for the Greater Glory. I joined the Knights of Columbus shortly after becoming a weekly Eucharistic adorer at my old parish, and at some point I read a card in the pew about Venerable Father Michael McGivney. After reading and researching about this holy priest I was interested in joining. I belong to the St. Thomas More Council 14848 in Naples, Florida.

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