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Keeping Kids from Porn

Anti-porn week highlights what we can do to protect our children and our marriages

The use of pornography in our culture has reached epidemic levels, and a large portion of it is hardcore and illegal, under federal statutes that are rarely fully enforced. Morality in Media is holding its annual White Ribbon Against Pornography Week (Oct. 30-Nov. 5) to bring the harms of porn to public attention and to petition lawmakers to enforce obscenity laws.

Fathers for Good spoke to Patrick Trueman, the new president of Morality in Media, to see what the issues are and find out what parents can do to protect their children – and their marriages – from the onslaught of pornography.

Fathers for Good: What is the goal of the White Ribbon Against Pornography Week?

Trueman: Our goals are twofold: to educate the American public on the harms of pornography and to encourage lawmakers to vigorously enforce our federal laws against illegal pornography. Current federal laws prohibit distribution of hardcore (obscene) adult pornography on the internet, on cable/satellite TV, on the hotel/motel TV, in retail shops, and through the mail. Citizens deserve to have these laws vigorously enforced.

We are emphasizing many common harms of pornography during this week. Consumption of pornography leads to addiction and sexual dysfunction. It leads many to go from adult to child pornography, and this is why we have a worldwide boom in child pornography. It leads to violence against women and is a contributing factor to sexual trafficking – men who use prostitutes are frequent pornography users.

FFG: How widespread is porn use?

Trueman: Among Catholics usage of pornography is very high. Priests continue to tell me about the very high percentage of men who confess sins related to pornography in confession. Among the youth in the general population, I believe the numbers are beyond 75% for males and perhaps as high as 30% for females.

FFG: What can the average person do to help combat porn, especially to keep their kids from it?

Trueman: Every family should have filtering software on computers and smart phones. While children will argue for “privacy” in their computer and phone use, parents have a responsibility to know what their children are viewing – and don’t forget, they pay the bills. Parents should also do a survey of their public library and public schools to learn what the policies are with respect to pornography blocking on computers. Families should also survey local retail establishments to learn which might be offering pornography for sale or rent.

Often, if several local residences politely complain to management, the materials will be removed. Parents should educate themselves on the harms of pornography and discuss these harms with their children. The website Porn Harms has good information for all and has additional resources for parents.

ALSO: A new "Integrity Restored" website for men seeking to overcome porn use has been launched by Dr. Peter Kleponis, a Fathers for Good contributor. The site includes a helpful 7-Step Plan for ending porn use. Visit: Integrity Restored