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Catholic radio host offers tips on New Evangelization

With a readable, practical, down-to-earth style, Gus Lloyd tells the average Catholic how to become part of the New Evangelization. His latest book, Magnetic Christianity, gives us encouragement and a fresh perspective on what we know we should do – pray more, be charitable, read the Bible – and offers tips on doing things we may never have thought of doing – allowing people to see Christ through our daily lives.

Gus Lloyd and his wife, Michelle, work hard to pass on the faith to their four children.

Gus Lloyd and his wife, Michelle, work hard to pass on the faith to their four children.

Lloyd is a full-time Catholic evangelist and host of the morning radio show “Seize the Day,” on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM 129. He and his wife of 32 years, Michelle, live in Tampa, Florida. They have two adult daughters and two teen sons.

He spoke to Fathers for Good about his new book as part of our ongoing series on the Year of Faith and New Evangelization, which will begin with a Vatican synod in October.

Fathers for Good: We’ve heard of the faith described in many different ways, but what is Magnetic Christianity?

Gus Lloyd: Magnetic Christianity is really about attitude and behavior. Magnetic Christianity is all about using the gifts that God has given us to draw others to Christ. In the end, it is really about evangelization. Magnetic Christianity is especially important for those who have family or friends who have fallen away from any faith. The Lord knows that all of us have someone like that in our lives. Our children, our siblings, our co-workers and friends no longer see faith as important in their lives. They’re searching for something; many of them know not what. It is up to us as Magnetic Christians to help them find that for which their souls thirst – God. We can only draw them to Christ if they are first drawn to the Christ in us.

FFG: You give 11 attributes of Magnetic Christianity. What's the take-away for the average Catholic married man?

Lloyd: In the book, I talk about how, whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all role models. People see what we do and listen to what we say. In essence, we are the image of Christ to many. This is especially true for fathers and husbands. Our children, our wives, our fellow parishioners look to us to see how we reflect Christ. When we allow God to increase all of the attributes of a Magnetic Christian in us, we can better reflect God. Others will naturally be attracted to us, and then we have the opportunity to share the story about how good God has been to us, and invite others to experience that same goodness!

FFG: How does this book tie into the upcoming Year of Faith and New Evangelization?

Lloyd: Magnetic Christianity is the perfect book in working out the New Evangelization. Evangelization is almost a dirty word to many Catholics. They think it means beating others over the head or “forcing your religion” on others. Baloney! Magnetic Christianity gives real world, hands-on ways to evangelize just by living out your own Christian faith. It is not filled with high-minded theology, but with real stuff that the average person can readily relate to. When we allow God to use us and bolster the 11 attributes of the Magnetic Christian, we will evangelize others without really even trying! And after all, isn’t that what we have been called by Christ to do?

FFG: Tell a story of successful Magnetic Christianity in your own life.

Lloyd: I like to think that I use my Magnetic Christianity every day. On my radio show, “Seize the Day” on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM 129, I talk about my journey and share my faith story every day. I try to treat all of my listeners with respect. Hopefully, I exude the 11 attributes of a Magnetic Christian to some degree daily. I get lots of comments and email from people that are encouraged and uplifted and challenged by the show. Some of the most poignant are from folks who have been away from the Church for many years and have returned because of something that they heard on the radio. My hope is that we will all live out our Magnetic Christianity every moment of every day!

For more information, visit Gus Lloyd’s website.

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