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When I First Saw My Child

Dads recall what they thought and felt at that special time

The birth of a child is a moment like no other. New life, hope, the future and a host of dreams are all wrapped together in this blessed event. While it’s true that wherever there’s a newborn, there must be a mother nearby, the role of a father is more difficult to define.

The old image of dad in the waiting room handing out cigars may still be popular, but today many fathers are choosing to be an active part of the birthing process in the delivery room. This is a positive sign because it suggests that a father wants to be a supportive husband and an involved dad.

But what do men think and feel at that moment when they first see the face of their baby? Fathers for Good posted this question on Facebook and received a number of insightful and moving responses from our online community of men. Dads are not often asked this question, and perhaps they are a little hesitant to express their feelings on the topic, so we are pleased to give them this forum.

Here are some of their responses to the question: “What did you think, how did you feel, when you saw your first child?”

“I instantly knew that God lives and He created us and that He supports and blesses us. Before, I faintly believed. Afterward, I knew.” – Paul K.

“The first time I saw my baby girl in the nursery room I said to myself there is indeed a God, and that being blessed with this precious gift of life made me feel and believe that my past has all been forgiven. Words truly can’t explain the feelings.” – Edison P.

“I actually got to deliver him (with the help from the doctor). I was so emotional…happy, excited, scared, proud and nervous all rolled up into one. When I held [him] for the first time, I cried tears of joy…the pride I felt was indescribable, I couldn’t stop looking at him. Nervous, because now I’m responsible for this little guy, but confident that I had the upbringing from my own parents that would make me the father I believe I am today.” – Rand T.

“As I cut the umbilical cord, my daughter’s life line for the prior 8 months (she was born a month early), the realization hit me that I am now her life line. The love bond was instantaneous. A whole other level of responsibility was placed in my arms and I welcomed the task.” – Dean O.

“I was at the birth and held him immediately. Nothing but pure joy.” – Mike K.

“All I could do was stand in awe. My son, my SON, had arrived. I was so proud. He didn’t take a deep breath right away, so the nurses had whisked him to the warmer, but I stayed right by him. And then I couldn’t help but sing to him. I sang softly to him the chorus of Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Hallelujah.’ I just kept softly rhythmically singing ‘Hallelujah.’ I could not find any other words to say what I felt. To this day I sing to him at times. He is 7 and doesn’t always appreciate it, but I still do.” – T.J.R.

“When my son was born, I was amazed at how much you can love someone. I was filled with joy and nervousness as I remembered something my dad told me: they don’t come with instruction manuals.” – Geoffrey H.

“I thought I would never see my baby because the doctors at the hospital where she was born informed us that her survival rate was zero. She had a number of issues. So it was the best and the worst day of my life. But God had plans for her. After the doctors unplugged her from the machines, she breathed on her own. So the doctors did everything to keep her alive. There rest is history. – Rene V.

“I never felt God’s love any stronger than that day.” – Nick C.

“Incredible, indescribable, in love.” – Jason G.

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