"Big Four" Highlights


Promises to Keep

Resolutions that will build a better marriage

Eat dinner as a family. Pray together. Set aside a place to post prayer intentions. Schedule (and keep) date nights with your spouse. Talk to one another. Listen.

These are some of the suggested New Year’s resolutions from the website For Your Marriage, sponsored by the U.S. bishops. Sure, we’re already more than a week into the new year, but it’s never too late to set out on the great adventure of making your marriage and family life better. Too often we think that there’s nothing we can do to improve our home life, and maybe it’s best just to leave things as they are. After all, change can be uncomfortable and even risky.

But is that why God brought you together, just to get by? In 2017, why not try to bring your marriage and family to the next level? Here’s a guarantee: try just one of the suggested resolutions on the For Your Marriage site and your life will get better, in terms of faith, love, happiness and togetherness. Worth a try?

Here is a link to a better life, from For Your Marriage.