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What’s Your Resolution?

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Sure, many of us could stand to lose weight. Or give up smoking or drinking or some other excessive habit. But these resolutions likely will only scratch the surface of the deeper flaws that we all have but tend to ignore.
Let’s go ahead and resolve to cut down on one thing, or give up another, but let’s do it in the context of building virtue and spiritual strength, and set our sights on heaven.
A good way to accomplish this is to consider our relationship with the Seven Capital (Deadly) Sins. You remember what they are, from religion class:

1. Anger or wrath
2. Greed
3. Sloth or laziness
4. Pride
5. Lust
6. Envy or jealousy
7. Gluttony

These sins or vices are considered the root cause of greater sins. How do we fight them? Well, we can do nothing without God’s grace, so we need to stay close to prayer, the Mass, the Eucharist and Confession. Sometimes it takes years to root out a bad habit or habitual sin. We should be vigilant and persevere, but not lose hope.

A great remedy to the Seven Capital Sins are the Seven Cardinal Virtues. The great spiritual masters say that the best way to overcome a vice is to replace it with a counter virtue. Here are some virtues to work on:

1. chastity
2. temperance
3. charity
4. diligence
5. patience
6. kindness
7. humility

If we really take on the task of building these virtues in our lives, we will experience great challenges and a busy 2012 is in store. But the rewards are priceless!