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When to Tell About Santa?

All over the world there are kids having their hearts broken at this time of the year, as they discover a cache of wrapped gifts in the basement or closet, and their parents decide to tell them the truth about Santa Claus.

But that raises the question: When is the best time to let your children in on the secret? The answer will obviously vary from family to family, and even child to child. Yet the truth has to come out at some point, and it’s better for your kids to hear it from you than from classmates in the schoolyard. There will be less chance of your little one feeling foolish and even betrayed by his parents. "Why didn't you tell me!"

The other question is: are we deceiving our children by telling them there’s a Santa Claus? Or is it the harmless childhood fun that lets them enjoy the giving spirit of the season?

Write down your own "Secret Santa" story below. What should we tell our kids, and when?