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7 Steps for Father’s Day

For the day we celebrate fathers, it is appropriate to think about these words of Jesus:

"Truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does” (Jn 5:19).

Jesus is saying that he is, in a real sense, a mirror image of the Father. He looks to the Father, sees what he is doing, and does the same. We all need role models, and Jesus has the most perfect of all.

Seven Steps for Fathers Day

Even for us dads who are much less than perfect, there are some key takeaways here:

1. We tend to become like our own fathers, for better or for worse. How often do we say as we deal with situations at home: “I’m sounding just like my dad”?

2. Maybe you had a good father who was loving and attentive and set a good example. Draw upon the strength of that positive model as you move forward in your own fatherhood. The father bond is powerful, so use it as a source for good.

3. Even if you did not have the greatest example from your father, you can still seek out good models. Read again the words of Jesus cited above, and call upon him to “show you the Father” so that you can start to become even a faint image of that goodness. Your kids will notice your efforts and respect you for them.

4. Our children look to us for an example of who they are and who they should become. From Day 1 they look to dad to learn what to do, how to act, and how to adapt as they grow and mature. In a real sense, our kids are always watching and listening, even when we think they are not paying attention. Although we are ordinary, everyday dads, we still hold immense sway over the lives and souls of our children.

5. We’ve all seen the stickers “Baby on Board” on the back of cars to warn us of the precious life that the driver is taking extra care to protect. In a similar way, our children bear hidden spiritual stickers that might read: “Precious Heart, Mind, Soul Inside: Handle with Care.” This doesn’t mean we treat our kids as fragile – we need to challenge them to be strong and resilient to face the world. But along with providing food and shelter, we should feed their spirit, handing on our faith.

6. Think on this Father’s Day what a gift God has given to you to be a father, to entrust a sacred life into your hands. Wherever you are in your fatherhood journey, this gift deserves a “Wow!” or two.

7. What can you give God in return? Gratitude, Dad. Gratitude.

Happy Father’s Day!