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What to Get Her

Write below what you will be doing for St. Valentine’s Day

Be careful, men, because Valentine’s Day is going to sneak up on you this year – on Monday. You’ll be thinking about other things, driving the kids to Scouts or hockey, helping them with homework, thinking you’re being a great weekend dad and husband, and suddenly you’ll realize Sunday night, “I’ve got to get a card and flowers!” Too late to call 1-800, and all the best roses in town have been reserved.

I write this for myself, really. For all the wrong reasons, I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I have no trouble writing a really nice card for my wife, but I am no good at flowers. When I finally get around to it, the only ones left are the supermarket kind with the wilting edges.

I was really proud of myself last year for finally breaking down and ordering those professional roses over the Internet, vase and all, till they arrived and I realized I was supposed to get the higher-priced ones that are already cut. My wife almost cut herself slicing the stems in just the right way for them to draw water and last 14 days.

I’m not much better at gifts. It all started with the first Valentine’s Day of our engagement when I got her a book on bioethics and moral law. It was the equivalent of the clueless guys who drag their girlfriends to football games. I was studying bioethics at the time for my master’s degree and figured we would have something to talk about after she read the book. Not quite. I eventually made up for it by getting her a gold St. Joseph necklace. Women love jewelry.

Since then I sort of “choke” like a jinxed athlete whenever it’s time for a gift. Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday – I hyperventilate at the gift shop and choke.

The answer for guys like me is to kind of give up. I ask my wife what she wants and sometimes even bring her along to pick it out. It removes the thrill, but also the chill of going wrong.

I am also blessed that my wife accepts and loves me no matter what.

What are you doing with your loved one on St. Valentine’s Day? Write your story below and maybe other guys – like me – will get a few tips!