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What's Your Resolution?

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Get used to it: a decade has gone by in the new century, in the new millennium. We are 10 years down the road of the 21st century and this September marks 10 years since the attacks of 9/11. Who remembers Y2K?

The decade may have flown by and the intentions, promises and resolutions you made for the new millennium were perhaps put aside as we all dealt with new situations, threats and advances of one type or another, plus the bad economy and loss of investments of the past few years.

It is perhaps now time to settle down and take stock, and it’s fair to ask: where am I in relation to where I would like to be? Let’s consider a few points:

  1. We can think about present and future finances – our ability as fathers to keep the domestic boat afloat and even prepare for our children’s college and our own retirement. The economy does not make this task easy for most of us, but we should have a plan to make the most of what we have.
  2. We can consider the state of our marriage, how love has warmed or cooled over the years with my wife, how we get along and what we can do to make amends and a better, stronger union based on faith and “one flesh.”
  3. We can weigh our fatherhood, whether our kids are toddlers, youngsters, teens or adults. Think how you can do more to be involved in their lives, to give them the guidance and direction they need – not just at the crucial turning points in their lives, but on a regular basis – so they will turn to you when they have questions.
  4. Then, of course, we can look at our faith as Catholic men. Do I, at the very least, pray each day and not only when I have troubles or losses in life? Do I thank God first of all for life, love and a new chance each morning to do the good on the road he has laid before me? Am I a man of faith, and am I known as a man of faith?

Each of these points can be the basis for a resolution for the New Year 2011. Think about them and write a few thoughts in the box below, to give form to your resolution and to give others some ideas to draw from.

The key to a good resolution is to make it simple yet substantive, challenging yet attainable through steady work and God’s abundant grace. “I will pray more” is good, but “I will pray a Morning Offering before I get out of bed” is better. Be specific, and define the goal.

Happy New Year!