Personal Father's Day Tributes

‘'Lord that I May See ...'’

by Father Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.

Father Thomas Rosica

My father helped us see better physically and spiritually

While I was still in Rome on graduate studies in Scripture in the late 1980s, my father, Anthony, became legally blind due to severe diabetes. It was a very difficult time for him and my family, especially since dad, an eye doctor himself, had spent his whole life...Read more

‘A Life Lived in Christ’

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Kathryn Jean Lopez

I still learn from my dad

My father knew priorities. He knew love. He knew faith. Every day, I miss him. But every day I learn from him. His life was service. To his family. To the Church. To education. To the guy who...Read more

‘Provider, Teacher, Father’

by John Burger

John Burger

We were my father's most important 'students'

“My father had more money, more homes, more cars,” says a reflective Manolo, the fictional childhood friend of St. Josemaria Escriva in the recent Roland Joffe film There Be Dragons. “But Josemaria had more Dad.” I’m really happy that when I was a kid...Read more

‘Sharing His Mind with Me’

by Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean

There was nothing we could not figure out together

It was sharing time. My first-grade teacher gathered the children in my class and we sat, cross-legged, on small mats, in the sharing circle. “We’ll go around the room,” she told us, “And talk about...Read more

‘Like Father, Like Son’

by Brendan Finn

Brendan Finn

My dad was a cop, and so was I

My father was a New York Police Department officer for 27 years, but when I was a senior in Fordham I never even thought I would follow in his footsteps. The job seemed too crazy. But five years later...Read more