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Marriage: The Great Adventure

The last of the 5-part love saga of our newlyweds

Narrator: Alright, everyone. For their last appearance, Mary Rose and Richard have decided to dress up as the married couple they most admire. Are you ready to see them?

Audience (screaming): Yeah!

Narrator: Here they are....

(Mary Rose and Richard come out. Richard wears an itchy-looking brown cloak and holds a hand-carved walking stick. Mary Rose is riding a stick pony and smothered in a blue blanket, with only her face, hands and feet visible.)

Audience:  It’s Mary and Joseph!

Narrator: Why do you think Mary and Joseph are good role models for your married life?

Mary Rose: First of all, Richard did the choosing. I think he’s just trying to impress people with his piety.

Richard: I chose them because Mary never got mad at Joseph. 

Mary Rose: Ha, ha!

Richard: In all honesty, Mary Rose and I would like to present our couples of the year. The couples we look up to. 

Mary Rose: Paul and Helga are friends of ours in the film industry. They have a fascinating old Victorian house. Each room is a different bold colour – red, green, or blue. Their house reflects their love of life. Life is magical for them, an adventure they go on every day. They may not share our love of the Catholic faith, but they are two of the most loving and caring people we know.

Richard: Last year, I was in Winnipeg filming a friend’s wedding for Salt + Light. We asked Ben and Sara a few questions, which they answered on-camera. I found out how much God is at the center of their relationship. And this amazed me. I grew up thinking that I should always put my wife first before anything. But now I’m learning that if I don’t put God first, I can actually lose my wife! If I lose the focus of what marriage truly is – the bond of a man and woman before God – my desire to please her can come from a needy, empty love. 

Narrator: Are there couples in books or films that you think are great examples?

Richard: Touching scenes from their life passed by on the big screen to a beautiful musical score. At the same time, they danced their way into my heart – that’s Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fredricksen from the Pixar movie “UP!”  SPOILER ALERT: Plot will be revealed.

After his wife died, Carl felt he failed to give her the life of adventure she always wanted. Later he receives a confirmation that by having lived with her and by just being himself, all her adventures and dreams had come true! Their life together was THE great adventure. Mary Rose and I can learn from them a lesson of love: there’s no greater adventure than being, listening, and laughing. 

Mary Rose: I LOVE love letters. Richard knows this but he has a hard time just replying to my e-mails! St. Gianna Molla was a 20th-century Italian doctor and mother who is remembered for sacrificing her life for her unborn child. But what I like to remember are her beautiful love letters. She wrote love letters regularly, before and during her marriage. How do I know about the strong relationship she had with her husband? Through her love letters, which have been collected in a book! Her tender and sensitive heart, her deep love for God, and her total dedication to her husband – these were dripping from her words! She’s a great example of the importance of communicating love every day. I communicate best in writing, but I hope to be able to communicate my love to Richard verbally as well.

Narrator: Any last words before you go?

Richard: I may not have a lot of money. I may not know how to put my thoughts together on paper properly. But I promise my wife I will give God more space in my life every day. And however he tells me to love, I will try to follow. I think this is what I need to make sure we have a sacred, happy, and fruitful marriage.

Mary Rose: And I may get impatient very quickly. I may be unappreciative very many times and bury myself in my work. Instead of trying to do more, I'll try to be more, and give that space for our love to breathe and grow.

Richard: So, what do you say we get out of these costumes and get on with our own marriage?

Mary Rose: I’m with you. Let’s go!

Mary Rose and Richard will soon be celebrating eight months of marriage. They look forward to celebrating at least 800 months more, God willing!