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St. George, Dragon Slayer

By Kevin Aldrich

This Friday is the feast of St. George (April 23). I don’t know about you, but I have always loved the story of St. George and the Dragon.

The lone Christian knight battling the fire-breathing dragon is right up there with St. Michael casting into hell Satan and the Holy League mariners defeating the Ottoman fleet at Lepanto, with the fate of Renaissance Europe in the balance. For me, these are the true reality shows.

The image of the man as physical defender is attractive and inspiring, and has been a good model for the father of a Christian family for a long time.

As author James Stenson has pointed out, a mother is someone willing to die for you, and a father is someone willing to kill to defend you. This attitude is natural to what we must now call the monogamous family and certainly to the Christian family. Any good father is the defender of his family.

Patrick Fagan of the Family Research Council has written a very important article which every Catholic father should read: Family Diversity and Political Freedom: How Can People with Different Approaches to Family Life Live Together in Free Societies?

Fagan compares the two kinds of families that exist today: those founded on monogamy, in which husband and wife intend to keep vows of an exclusive and permanent relationship that includes openness to children, and those founded on polyamory, in which “spouses” or “partners” see marriage as open-ended and breakable. Fagan correctly joins together serial polygamy, actual polygamy, cohabitation, gay marriage, group marriage, and so on, under the latter term.

Polyamory is a real danger to the souls and happiness of our children, and it is an ongoing danger, despite the fact that in itself it is fatally flawed. As Fagan points out, polyamory should be doomed for two reasons:

  • The culture of monogamy is fertile and expanding while the culture of polyamory is below replacement and contracting.
  • The culture of monogamy is inexpensive while the culture of polyamory is very expensive.

According to Fagan, polyamory would be doomed except for the fact that the secular welfare state and the media love it and because the proponents of polyamory have powerful ways of making new converts through their control over “childhood education, sex education and . . . adolescent health programs.”

The advocates of polyamory “snatch” our children from as the Ottoman Empire used to kidnap Christian young men and form them into the elite fighting troops called Janissaries. Once the “polyamorites” induce your child to have an early, non-marital sexual experience, he or she is almost a sure convert to polyamory and everything it stands for. Just look at today’s campuses.

In the face of widespread and popular polyamory, what are some particular ways a father can act as protector of his children?

  • Choose private or Catholic school for your children or provide homeschooling.
  • Examine school sex-education programs very carefully – even in Catholic schools – and opt out if necessary. Provide for your own child’s sex education according to his or her personality and developmental level.
  • Keep your children out of school-based clinics and be very careful about doctors.
  • Exercise control over your children’s media access: TV, films, internet, cell phones, texting.

In general, I believe the most important thing is for fathers to remain a strong presence in family life and develop personal virtues that will be an example for children.

St. George, help us fathers to slay the dragons of culture that threaten our families today!

Kevin Aldrich, a Los Angeles-based writer of novels, screenplays, TV pilots and self-help books, is married for 20 years and has seven children.