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Through the Eyes of Easter

The joy of the Resurrection continues in married life

By Jessica Weinberger

The fifty days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost truly make for a joyful liturgical season. The Easter dresses and baskets may be tucked away, but the celebration continues. The priest still wears white vestments. Lilies still decorate the altar. The readings point us to the Ascension and the anticipated arrival of the Holy Spirit.

The Resurrection isn’t over. It is just the beginning.

There are many milestones in life where we may see events as hard stops, but the Easter season calls us to look toward the blessings that lie just beyond these perceived endings. For example, my husband George and I anticipated our wedding, anxiously counting down the days to “I do.” I couldn’t wait to see my groom at the altar and watch all of my planning come to life at our reception. But we weren’t just anticipating the wedding Mass or the celebration afterward. We were awaiting a new beginning, as husband and wife.

In a culture that glamorizes weddings – not sacramental marriages – we focused on building the foundation for a life rooted in faith. Because we set our eyes beyond our wedding day, the joy that I felt as a bride still continues to weave through the everyday moments of married life. The anticipation of walking down the aisle and our first dance doesn’t compare to the peaceful happiness that I feel waking up next to my best friend. Even sharing in mundane tasks like grocery shopping and house cleaning fills a piece of my heart that was always quietly waiting for George.

On Holy Thursday, our priest’s homily focused on the power of the Eucharist to invoke memories in each of us, especially married couples. As we remember the Last Supper and Jesus’ sacrifice for us, we, too, remember our vows at the altar of Christ, and how we sacrifice ourselves for our spouse every day. Pope Benedict XVI spoke about this profound connection between the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Marriage:

“The Eucharist inexhaustibly strengthens the indissoluble unity and love of every Christian marriage. By the power of the sacrament, the marriage bond is intrinsically linked to the Eucharistic unity of Christ the Bridegroom and his Bride, the Church” (Sacramentum Caritatis, 27).

What a powerful way to look at the Eucharist, especially in this Easter season! As married couples, we have the privilege of sharing in all of life’s moments with our spouse, and the opportunity to partake in the Resurrection as husband and wife. The Eucharist is a reminder of our new beginning, and every Sunday, when we come to the eucharistic feast, we renew our vow to God and our vows to each other. The joy of covenantal love that we profess within the Sacrament of Marriage transcends time and carries us through all of the seasons of life. Decades after you’ve enjoyed the rich frosting on your wedding cake and slowly swayed to your first dance as husband and wife, the wedding celebration continues.

So rejoice together. Celebrate together. Let the Eucharist fuel your bodies and hearts from your wedding day and on through life. Christ is risen, and the joy continues past Easter Sunday, just as the joy of your wedding day marks the beginning of a lifelong celebration together.

Jessica Weinberger is a marketing professional and freelance writer. She regularly contributes to The CatholicMatch Institute blog and the Couple to Couple League magazine Family Foundations. She lives in Minneapolis, Minn. with her husband, George. Her website is