Husband & Wife Highlights



Different in Body and Soul by Carrie Gress

Father's Day by Matthew Petesch

More than Water by Matthew Petesch

Parents Need Parenting by Matthew Petesch

Our ‘Maybe’ Culture by Mary Rose Verret

True Compassion in Dying by Ryan Verret

Life After ‘Miscarriage’ by Mary Rose Verret

An “Extended” Family Vacation by Ryan Verret

Gift of Self by Jilu Jacob

Catholic East and West by Jilu Jacob

Ecosystem of Faith by Jilu Jacob

Mary, Mother Most by Jilu Jacob

Virtues of Mary by Jilu Jacob

Priests for (and from) the Family by Philip Kosloski

A Cheerful Giver by Philip Kosloski

Soul of the Savior by Sherry Antonetti

Give God the Glory by Sherry Antonetti

Dresses, Deserts, Prayers and Proms by Sherry Antonetti

Lenten Check-Up by Sherry Antonetti

Patient Progress by Darcie Nielsen

Our Family Tree by Darcie Nielsen

Best Friend or Faithful Foe? by Darcie Nielsen

Living Lent by Darcie Nielsen

Presenting Our Children by Darcie Nielsen

Rejecting Abortion, Affirming Life by Russell Brewer

The Evangelical Family by Russell Brewer

Family Ties that Lift Us Up by Russell Brewer

Merciful Family by Russell Brewer

New Year’s Resolution by Kimberly Quatela

The Gifts We Have Received by Kimberly Quatela

The Hardest Five Words by Kimberly Quatela

The Hardest Five Words by Kimberly Quatela

The Hardest Five Words by Kimberly Quatela

Family in Full by Christian Basi

The Two Shall Be One by Kathleen Basi

In God’s Eyes by Christian Basi

Let Your Spousal Love Grow by Kathleen M. Basi

The Real Nazareth by Michele Chronister

Love Is a Choice by Michele Chronister

A Strong and Faithful Love by Michele Chronister

Sts. Louis and Zélie by Michele Chronister

A Strong and Faithful Love by Michele Chronister

Sts. Louis and Zélie by Michele Chronister

‘Good vs. Good’ by Joel Schmidt

Holy Associations by Joel Schmidt

Holy Associations by Joel Schmidt

Where God Wants Us by Joel Schmidt

Double Duty by Joel Schmidt

The First Heralds by Christina Capecchi

Cheers! by Christina Capecchi

Garage Visitations by Christina Capecchi

Hints from Hallmark by Chris Mooney

Pray With a Toddler by Chris Mooney

Evangelization and the Family by Chris Mooney

Grad School Dad by Chris Mooney

Young and Wedded by Chris Mooney

More than a Feeling by Chris Mooney

A Balancing Act by Stephanie Patag

Family Graces by Stephanie Patag

Getting to Yes by Stephanie Patag

The Commitment Differences by Jessica Weinberger

Through the Eyes of Easter by Jessica Weinberger

Mercy in Marriage by Jessica Weinberger

Ending the Quest for Perfect by Jessica Weinberger

Precipice of Faith by Maria Grizzetti

Full Force of Love by Maria Grizzetti

Free to Love by Maria Grizzetti

That They May Be One by Maria Grizzetti

Hidden Paternity by Maria Grizzetti

Through Pain and Poison by Christian Meert

Conversion Story by Christian Meert

Conversion Story by Christian Meert

Deep Wounds by Gabriel Somarriba

God’s Gift by Gabriel Somarriba

Three Keys for Couples by Gabriel Somarriba

Parenting for Peace by Gabriel Somarriba

Blessed Mother Knows Best by Gabriel Somarriba

Uniting Traditions by Stephanie Weinert

Getting in Touch Again by Kevin DiCamillo

Date Nights by Stephanie Weinert

Practical Prayer Plans by Kevin DiCamillo

‘Thank You’ by Stephanie Weinert

Hands-On Fatherhood by Kevin DiCamillo

Pray, Pause, Presence by Kevin DiCamillo

Hidden Treasures by Rob Guinan

Bible-Style Relationships by Rob Guinan

Stringing Pearls by Rob Guinan

Kitchen Sink Wisdom by Sue Haggerty

How a 20K Taught Me to Pray by Sue Haggerty

The Sturdy Virtues of Friendship by Sue Haggerty

Christ Encounters by Sue Haggerty

Beyond Beyoncé by Mary Rose Somarriba

‘Contigo’ Couples by Mary Rose Somarriba

Mary Leads the Way by Mary Rose Somarriba

Mama Mary, Pray for Us by Ashley Kepper

Sacred Name Game by Ashley Kepper

Dancing in the Rain by Ashley Kepper

Love is Stronger than Deployment by Ashley Kepper

Gallantry in Fatherhood by Gerald Korson

Holy Matchmaker by Gerald Korson

The Vital ‘Force’ of Gift-Giving by Christopher Menzhuber

Message On a Bottle by Christopher Menzhuber

Sunday Special by Christopher Menzhuber

Roses for Our Mother by Christopher Menzhuber

More than a Motto by Jason Godin

The Thread of Divine Mercy by Jason Godin

The Burial Cloths by Jason Godin

Sacramental Strengths in Sickness by Jason Godin

The Richness of Spiritual Poverty by Jason Godin

Free Love by Jeremy Paff

Loving Lent by Kelsey Paff

A Survival Guide for Families by Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

‘Most Difficult Situations’ by Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

‘Most Difficult Situations’ by Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

Fighting for the Family by Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

A Test of Patience by Patrice E. Athanasidy

A Life Story by Patrice E. Athanasidy

Online Lifelines by Patrice E. Athanasidy

A Year for Putting People First by Patrice E. Athanasidy

Read-Aloud Christmas by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Adults Need Christmas, Too by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

The Essence of the Season by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Don’t Be an Advent Scrooge by Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Cultivating Thankful Hearts by Mike Phelan

Preventing Marriage Drift by Mike Phelan

Our Culture Can Still Produce Heroes by Mike Phelan

The Fragile Strength of Marriage by Mike Phelan

Family, College, Sports by John Keating

The Common Man Evangelist by John Keating

A Father’s Covenant by John Keating

A Mother’s Blessing by Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

Little Rich Girl by Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

A Nightly Prayer by Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

My Little Teacher by Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

Learning from the Poor by Fletcher Doyle

Market Share by Fletcher Doyle

A Man’s Job by Fletcher Doyle

No Vacation from Faith by Fletcher Doyle

Molding Men from Boys by Tom Wehner

Leaders and Apostles by Tom Wehner

Journey Back to the Father by Tom Wehner

Persevering Through Transition by Tom Wehner

A True Memorial Day Story by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi

Catholics Only? by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi

Our Family’s Fatima Birthday by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi

Love and Loss by Ashley Cadaret

Green Mom by Ashley Cadaret

The Two (Bank Accounts) Become One by Ashley Cadaret

Everlasting Lent by Ashley Cadaret

Making Easter Our Own by Ashley Cadaret

Praying at Mass with Kids by Andrew M. Haines

A Lesson on Fatherhood by Pope Francis by Andrew M. Haines

Making Time for the Good Things by Andrew M. Haines

Father as Family Philosopher by Andrew M. Haines

Stages of Marriage by Daria Sockey

Is Your ‘Office’ Divine? by Daria Sockey

Slumberous Wonders by Daria Sockey

Givinupstuff by Daria Sockey

Slumberous Wonders by Jason Godin

The Vulnerable Abortion Castle by Jason Godin

No Vacation from Vocations by Jason Godin

Sure Guides by Jason Godin

The Nature of Christian Families by Jason Godin

The Healthy Ties of Kinship by Jason Godin

Year of Faith for Families (Podcast) featuring Greg and Jennifer Willits

Keep Christ in Halloween by Maryann Vander Woude

‘Basketball Widow’ by Maryann Vander Woude

Down and Dirty by Maryann Vander Woude

Band-Aid Solutions by Maryann Vander Woude

Mother Load by Maryann Vander Woude

The 6 C’s of Confession by Jeff Morrow

The Spousal Secret by Jeff Morrow

What's Theology Good For? by Jeff Morrow

What to Expect (Dad) When You’re Expecting by Jeff Morrow

Summer Camp by Matt Carolan

Life Coaching by Matt Carolan

Prayer Can Move Mountains – Or Churches by Jason Shanks

The Family: Center of Evangelization by Jason Shanks

The Two Become One Fry by Jason Shanks

Walking Toward Heaven by Jason Shanks

Finding Signs in Appalachia by Ed Mechmann

A Prayer for Our Beloved Nation by Ed Mechmann

Our Motto by Ed Mechmann

This Summer, Spend Time with a Friend by Julie Filby

Silence Speaks by Julie Filby

In a funk? by Julie Filby

God's Timing by Julie Filby

How St. Joseph Got Me Fired! by Ken Davison

Sons and Daughters by Ken Davison

Easter Brigade by Ken Davison

Mom is from Advent, Dad is from Lent by Ken Davison

Holy Week with Blessed John Paul II by Ken Davison

Behold Your Mother by Maryan Vander Woude

A Hero in Life and Death by Maryan Vander Woude

How Does God See Me? by Maryan Vander Woude

Pregnancy Primer by Maryan Vander Woude

Engaged Forever by Marge Fenelon

Mass Marriages by Marge Fenelon

Reverencing Our Spouses by Marge Fenelon

Compatibly Incompatible by Marge Fenelon

Be There for Them by Brandon Vogt

Raising Saints in the Digital World by Brandon Vogt

Raising Saints in the Digital Age by Brandon Vogt

Baptizing Imagination by Brandon Vogt

Keeping Christmas by Teresa Tomeo

No Better Gift by Teresa Tomeo

Reclaiming Advent by Teresa Tomeo

Shopping with Christmas Values by Teresa Tomeo

A Marian Meditation by Bill Keimig

Time to Give Thanks by Bill Keimig

Pursuing Truth by Bill Keimig

Fortitude and Faith by Bill Keimig

Household Holiness by Bill Keimig

Extreme Media Makeover by Teresa Tomeo

Irreconcilable Differences by Kathleen M. Gallagher

The Hidden Blessing of Unemployment by Kathleen M. Gallagher

When a Heart Attack Hits Home by Kathleen M. Gallagher

An Empty Nest to Build On by Kathleen M. Gallagher

Grief and Grace by Rich Vosler

Reinvent Yourself by Rich Vosler

Love One Another by Rich Vosler

Cooking For 10 by Rich Vosler

Under God - A Pledge Worth Making by Mary Rice Hasson

Are Your Kids Close? by Mary Rice Hasson

Marriage of Opposites by Mary Rice Hasson

7 Lessons My Toddler Has Taught Me by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D.

Combatting Selfishness in Kids by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D.

Overactive Family Syndrome by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D.

5 Date Ideas With Your Wife by Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D.

What Would Jesus See? by Heather Keimig

To Love, Cherish, and Obey - The Wedded Way by Heather Keimig

A Heart Hidden in Christ by Heather Keimig

Loving Like a Mother by Heather Keimig

God Gave All - So Can I by Rachel Swenson Balducci

Love the One You're With by Rachel Swenson Balducci

Father Knows Best by Rachel Swenson Balducci

Is Social Media Good For Your Marriage? by Matt Warner

How I Started My Family and My Family Business by Matt Warner

As Christ Loved the Church by Matt Warner

They're Watching You by Matt Warner

Checkbook Beatitudes by Tom Hoopes

A Bet and a Debt by Tom Hoopes

Our Ninth Child by Tom Hoopes

Three Valentine's Days by Tom Hoopes

The Minimal Critic by Hallie Lord

Is Love All You Need? by Hallie Lord

The Coffee Connection by Hallie Lord

Is This Love Possible? by Hallie Lord

New Years Revolution by Mike Aquilina

Father for the Church by Dominic Lombardi

Our Family Memory Tree by Patrice E. Athanasidy

Simple Joys by Patrice E. Athanasidy

The Gift of Self by Patrice E. Athanasidy

Advent – A Time of Blessed Patience by Patrice E. Athanasidy

‘Work-Spouse’ Warning Signs by Mike Aquilina

Getting Real About Angels by Mike Aquilina

One Step at a Time by Elizabeth Ficocelli

Six Weapons of Spiritual Warfare by Elizabeth Ficocelli

Our Domestic Church by Elizabeth Ficocelli

Our Marriage As Sacrament by Elizabeth Ficocelli

The Family Rosary by Greg and Jennifer Willits

Bringing School Home by Greg and Jennifer Willits

Airing Their Differences by Greg and Jennifer Willits

How We Met by Greg and Jennifer Willits

Fathers of Mercy by Andrew Haines

How Many Children? by Andrew Haines

Love at First Sight by Andrew Haines

Theology of the Body in Marriage by Andrew Haines

Not Just Expecting to be a Father by Andrew Haines

Sex Gets Attention by Pia de Solenni

Too Many Children by Pia de Solenni

Other People's Children by Pia de Solenni

What Do You Have In The Bank? by Pia de Solenni

A Tribute to My Father by Jason Godin

On Bedtime Stories by Jason Godin

Four Conditions of Daycare by Jason Godin

Mass with Children by Jason Godin

Marriage the Great Adventure by Mary Rose Bacani and Richard Valenti

Praying as a Couple by Mary Rose Bacani and Richard Valenti

Once Upon a Time by Mary Rose Bacani and Richard Valenti

It All Began with a Tuque by Mary Rose Bacani and Richard Valenti

A Match Made in Media by Mary Rose Bacani and Richard Valenti

Do You Have A Minute? by Kevin Aldrich