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‘How a 20K Taught Me to Pray’

by Sue Haggerty

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Running and praying take time, planning and discipline

I have never been able to maintain a consistent prayer life. Most of the time, I go on what you would call “binge prayer kicks” before quickly petering out. One plan was to One plan was to wake early, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a quiet conversation with God as the family slept. Inevitably, however, within three seconds of hitting that squeak...Read more

‘Beyond Beyoncé’

by Mary Rose Somarriba

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Lessons from celebrity spouses for our own marriages

Recently Beyoncé was honored as the 2014 Video Vanguard recipient at the MTV Video Music Awards. If you caught only the last part of her performance, you might have felt refreshed to see family values spotlighted on-stage, with husband, wife and daughter in a three-way hug. However, if you watched the whole performance – a collage of...Read more

‘Mama Mary, Pray for Us’

by Ashley Kepper

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The Blessed Mother has universal appeal

My husband and I attend a small parish named after Our Lady, and do not often see new faces in the congregation. So a recent Sunday was particularly unusual. I noticed...Read more

Working at Home

by Gerald Korson

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The ups and downs of home-based employment

In the iconic 1980 film “The Shining,” frustrated novelist Jack Torrance wrestles with writer’s block and diminishing sanity during a winter spent with his family in a snowbound Colorado hotel. At one point Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) types repeatedly for pages on end...Read more

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