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Family in Full

By Christian Basi

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Christian and Kate blend their backgrounds to make new family traditions

It was Thanksgiving and my then-girlfriend was meeting my family for the first time. Much to my surprise, all five of my siblings were able to be there, and we enjoyed – or so I thought – our usual holiday dinner with...Read more

‘The Real Nazareth’

by Michele Chronister

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A reflection on spiritual fatherhood

I recently went on an evening of prayer and retreat for young adults hosted by the seminary near our home, which the seminarians named “Nazareth Nights.” I especially appreciated the reflection given that night on what Nazareth teaches us. One aspect of Nazareth the priest...Read more

God Is Our Strength

by David Dziena

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Raising children after divorce brings painful challenges

My life as a Catholic father has taken some turns I could never have predicted. My divorce, annulment, and remarriage in the last six years changed the straight, traditional path that I always envisioned. However, one thing has...Read more

‘Good vs. Good’

by Joel Schmidt

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A deacon is asked to do many things

“We can’t do everything.” As requests mount, at times I need to remind myself that ordination to the diaconate does not bestow superhuman powers of presence. During the formation period, commitments were...Read more

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