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‘Getting in Touch Again’

by Kevin Di Camillo

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Making date night work without too much work

One way of being a better parent and spouse is making and keeping “date-night.” Contrary to popular belief, this need not be (a) extravagant, (b) expensive, (c) so regular that it becomes...Read more

‘Date Nights’

by Stephanie Weinert

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Go out, with your spouse, not the kids, to rediscover one another

As a newlywed of six months, I knelt down in the confessional and choked out my sins to the priest. I told him of my short temper, complaining, whining, selfishness and a slew of other sins largely brought on by...Read more

Hidden Treasures

by Rob Guinan

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Working with the ‘least’ among us in nursing homes

Over the years, I have had some interesting and exciting professional experiences as an interviewer and a writer. But nothing quite compares to my time visiting people in nursing homes. I’ve lived in six states, visited a number of facilities, and my interest hasn’t waned. Sometimes I would...Read more

‘Kitchen Sink Wisdom’

by Sue Haggerty

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On marriage problems and clogged drains

Five years ago, my husband, Pat, and I bought a house. With five children at home and limited time, proper house maintenance often goes by the wayside. This was never more evident than on the weekend we hosted guests and had no kitchen sink. For months prior to this incident, our kitchen sink sometimes backed...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles