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‘Family Graces’

by Stephanie Patag

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Keep parenting in perspective for lasting joy

Despite the message our culture sends, marriage and parenting aren’t the frightful things they’re often made out to be. The hardships that come in family life are outweighed by true and lasting joy, when we keep the proper perspective – perspective being...Read more

‘The Commitment Differences’

by Jessica Weinberger

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5 reasons faith-filled marriages work

Countless articles, memoirs and studies explore why so many marriages in our society deteriorate and ultimately fail. Just recently, a blog post at USA TODAY by Anthony D’Ambrosio gained attention for identifying the top five reasons that marriages don’t work: intimacy issues, financial strife, failure to...Read more

‘Precipice of Faith’

by Maria Grizzetti

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Say ‘yes’ to God in your married life

Sacramental married life entails making vows before God. Insofar as we look to live out the promises we make to our spouse, we should also intend that God be a participant in our marriages. Thus, the life of faith is central to the way spouses...Read more

Through Pain and Poison

by Christian Meert

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Healing for a family after abortion

For eight years, we didn’t say a word about the abortion. Both of us had buried it deep within. It would have been too painful to face. But such secrets are like poison that eats away at you. Christine had confessed her...Read more

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