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‘Living Lent’

by Darcie Nielsen

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Make Lent great for your family with these three keys

It's here again: Lent. The season of conversion begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. We are invited to make more room for God in our hearts, our minds and our whole lives. Mother Church gives us the necessary means to make our conversion possible: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. My husband and I are...Read more

Rejecting Abortion, Affirming Life

by Russell Brewer

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My wife and I were offered a ‘compassionate’ choice

Thousands braved severe weather last week to attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C., giving a vital public witness to the sanctity of life. In this column, however, I will reflect on a very personal situation with my wife’s first pregnancy six years ago, when abortion was...Read more

‘New Year’s Resolution’

by Kimberly Quatela

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Give fitting praise to God with word and work

As we continue our Christmas celebrations and prepare for the New Year, it is time to close out this December series of reflections on Col 3:12-17. This time we consider the virtue of praise, which is quite fitting for this Christmas season as we praise...Read more

Family in Full

By Christian Basi

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Christian and Kate blend their backgrounds to make new family traditions

It was Thanksgiving and my then-girlfriend was meeting my family for the first time. Much to my surprise, all five of my siblings were able to be there, and we enjoyed – or so I thought – our usual holiday dinner with...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles