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‘Our ‘Maybe’ Culture’

by Mary Rose Verret

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Keeping options open can close off important commitments

Promises of any kind presume self-knowledge and personal commitment to follow through. Do you have a dear friend that is impossible to pin down? Personally, I remember when I was single and about a year out of college when every weekend was wide open. It was hard to commit to...Read more

Gift of Self

by Jilu Jacob

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As Indian Americans, our family gives to and receives from our country

Recently, I re-watched the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s a coming of age story of a Greek woman who discovers her complex identity and shares the good, the bad and the crazy of immigrant life with her American boyfriend. With comedic twists, it captures the nuances of...Read more

‘Priests for (and from) the Family’

by Philip Kosloski

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Parish life and family life go together

After celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday, which is also the World Day of Prayer for Vocations (April 17), we remember the importance of good “shepherds” who lead their flocks closer to Christ. We pray for an increase in holy priests as well as dwell upon the characteristics needed to successfully be a shepherd in our...Read more

Give God the Glory

By Sherry Antonetti

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Don’t let your own desires block his will in your life

We are living in Easter glory this week, celebrating the eight days (Octave) from Easter Sunday to Divine Mercy Sunday as one continuous resurrection day. The Mass readings are all about the risen Jesus and his encounters with his disciples. We will be living liturgically with this Easter elevation till...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles