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Feminine Genius

by Carrie Gress

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Understanding your wife’s virtues and vices

In his book Man Enough, Dr. Frank Pittman explained that men who fear fatherhood fail to understand that they don’t need to be perfect to be a father; rather, child-raising tends to make them better...Read more

Father's Day

by Matthew Petesch

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My newborn made my day a joyful mess

With an active infant at home, my wife and I have few moments for deep reflection. Life has been a long series of “in-the-moment” tasks as we respond to the needs of our newborn...Read more

‘Our ‘Maybe’ Culture’

by Mary Rose Verret

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Keeping options open can close off important commitments

Promises of any kind presume self-knowledge and personal commitment to follow through. Do you have a dear friend that is impossible to pin down? Personally, I remember when I was single and about a year out of college when every weekend was wide open. It was hard to commit to...Read more

Gift of Self

by Jilu Jacob

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As Indian Americans, our family gives to and receives from our country

Recently, I re-watched the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s a coming of age story of a Greek woman who discovers her complex identity and shares the good, the bad and the crazy of immigrant life with her American boyfriend. With comedic twists, it captures the nuances of...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles