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Bible-Style Relationships

by Rob Guinan

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God’s word can help us overcome loneliness and find friends

As parents, we pray for our children to find good friendships because we know how valuable they are. St. Thomas Aquinas said it best: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” But what happens when a best friend moves away, or a long-time friend takes a wrong turn? What about when...Read more

‘Kitchen Sink Wisdom’

by Sue Haggerty

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On marriage problems and clogged drains

Five years ago, my husband, Pat, and I bought a house. With five children at home and limited time, proper house maintenance often goes by the wayside. This was never more evident than on the weekend we hosted guests and had no kitchen sink. For months prior to this incident, our kitchen sink sometimes backed...Read more

‘Beyond Beyoncé’

by Mary Rose Somarriba

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Lessons from celebrity spouses for our own marriages

Recently Beyoncé was honored as the 2014 Video Vanguard recipient at the MTV Video Music Awards. If you caught only the last part of her performance, you might have felt refreshed to see family values spotlighted on-stage, with husband, wife and daughter in a three-way hug. However, if you watched the whole performance – a collage of...Read more

‘Mama Mary, Pray for Us’

by Ashley Kepper

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The Blessed Mother has universal appeal

My husband and I attend a small parish named after Our Lady, and do not often see new faces in the congregation. So a recent Sunday was particularly unusual. I noticed...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles