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‘The Burial Cloths’

by Jason Godin

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What did you out to the tomb to see?

The Gospel of John places Christians before an open and empty tomb on Easter Sunday. It is a liturgical moment that brings believers back to the very first Easter, in the company of two disciples, John and Peter, as they...Read more

‘Free Love’

by Jeremy Paff

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There is nothing I can do to earn God’s love – or my wife’s

My favorite interpretation of St. Joseph’s reaction to finding out that Mary has conceived and bears a child in her womb is the one put forth by some of the Church’s greatest scholars. This interpretation states that Joseph was fully aware of the...Read more

A Survival Guide for Families

by Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

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10 tips for Catholics to stay close to the faith

In this final column, I will offer 10 practical tips on how to live a holy marriage and family life in today’s secular culture, so that we may not only survive but thrive. First, the family must be grounded in the faith. Without faith, the Catholic family is simply lost. Its members will have neither the...Read more

‘A Test of Patience’

by Patrice E. Athanasidy

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Our special needs child has gone beyond the label

January 28th is the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the true scholars of the Church. When he was a student, he was nicknamed the “dumb ox” because of his size and quiet demeanor. A prolific writer, he became one of the most influential...Read more

More Husband & Wife Articles