Proposal Wisdom

By Gerald Korson

Make it an event to last a lifetime

So, guys, do you really need to get down on one knee, have a ring ready and rehearse the words? The stories told in this section lean heavily in that direction – and for good reason. The way you propose expresses the love and respect you have for your intended. You can get by with an offhand gesture, but why settle for less?

Dr. Jean Lee, a licensed behavior health therapist in the east-central Arizona town of Show Low, believes explains.

“In light of Pope John Paul II’s theology of the body and given that ‘man and woman are part of the good gift of God’s creation,’ it would seem that the means by one proposes marriage is extremely important,” said Dr. Lee. “The marriage proposal is a memory that may last forever and be passed down in generations to children and grandchildren. So beginning a marriage with a proposal that is well thought out after much prayer, one that takes into account the significance of the Christian relationship to Christ and his Church, would seem to have much more value in laying a solid foundation for matrimony.”

A memorable proposal may actually reap long-term benefits for the marriage, she said.

“As each couple transforms and grows both individually and together, it may also be beneficial to longevity of the marriage if the proposal moments could be relived or reflected upon periodically throughout the life of the marriage.”

If so, then for the couples profiled for this story, “till death do us part” should be pretty much guaranteed.