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Citizen Politician

A lawyer in Edgeworth, Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh, Keith Rothfus saw it as his civic duty to run for political office last year. On November 2nd, he lost a close race to the incumbent for the House of Representatives, getting 49 percent of the vote.

Married to his wife, Elsie, for 21 years, the couple has six children, ages 20 to 3. A graduate of Notre Dame Law School, Rothfus, age 48, talked to Fathers for Good about his family, his Catholic faith and the need for good men to get involved in the political process.

Pennsylvanian Keith Rothfus waged a tight battle for office last November.

FFG: Not everyone may be prepared to run for elective office – but how important is it for Catholic men to get involved in church, community and civic organizations?

Rothfus: We are called to participate in the civil life of the country. We are not to put our light under a bushel, but out in the culture where it can be seen and influence others.

FFG: Do you think your pro-life stand helped or hurt in your race?

Rothfus: It helped. I received the endorsement of the local pro-life group whereas the incumbent did not. 

Keith and his wife, Elsie, keep busy with their six children.

FFG: How does faith play a role in your family life?

Rothfus: Faith plays an important role in our family. The kids attend Catholic schools and we regularly attend Mass together. Grace before meals and night time prayers are said together. I am always making decisions within the context of the moral framework that our faith provides. There is right and wrong, and we are capable of knowing what is right and wrong. In parenting, we are always making decisions, based on our faith, about what cultural influences we think are appropriate for our children.