History of a Cure

On June 10, 2003, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi of Milan, surrounded by judges and secretaries, signed a solemn act: the official closure of the process recognizing the miraculous cure, through the intercession of the Venerable Louis and Zélie Martin, of Pietro Schillero, from Monza, who was born on the May 25, 2002.

His family, five brothers and sisters, were there with about a hundred other people and among them were the doctors, witnesses of the process. I was there to represent the Diocese of Lisieux.

Pietro was born with lungs in such a terrible condition that, medically speaking, he could not possibly survive. Put under respiratory assistance, nobody thought that one day he would be able to breathe normally. Father Sangalli, a Carmelite Father, suggested to Pietro’s parents that they make a novena to the Martin parents. The parish did likewise. On the 29th of June, his Feast Day, Pietro was much better and left the clinic on the 26th of July in perfect health.

This cure, humanly inexplicable, was recorded by numerous witnesses, seven of whom were doctors. On the 10th of June the miraculous child of thirteen months was parading around the chapel, sometimes crawling under the Cardinal’s desk who was pronouncing the decree; a fairly rare show in this kind of court!

With this miracle, the Beatification of Louis and Zélie Martin will not be too long. It is ultimately up to the Pope to decide.

†Guy Gaucher
Auxiliary Bishop of Bayeux and Lisieux

Addendum: 3rd July 2008. Today the Holy See published the joyful news that Pope Benedict XVI has approved baby Pietro Schillero’s cure (through the intercession of Louis and Zélie) as a miracle, thereby automatically opening the door to Louis and Zélie’s Beatification, which the Holy Father has fixed to take place in Lisieux on Mission Sunday, 19th October 2008. From that day they will be known as Blessed Louis and Zélie. A further approved miracle after that date will automatically lead to their canonization.