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Head of men’s conference sees growth in spirituality

Jorge Repollet is a busy young man. He is director of marketing for the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J., and also director of the annual Newark Catholic Men’s Conference. The third annual conference will be held on March 5th at Seton Hall University, with separate tracks for English and Spanish speakers.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Repollet, who is 37 years old, came to the United States to attend Seton Hall, where he received a degree in Business Administration. He has been married for five years to his wife, Carla, and is stepfather to her four teenage daughters.

Repollet spoke to Fathers for Good about the men’s conference and male spirituality.

Fathers for Good: Polls show that more women than men attend Sunday Mass. What are you doing to get men more involved in the Church?

Repollet: When I started parish ministry, our biggest question was “Where are the men?” My pastor asked me to create a ministry booklet for our parishioners so they can choose the ministry they want to join as part of the parish stewardship program. I was surprised to see that almost 80 percent of the ministries were lead by women. At that point we knew we needed to do something. We established the Men’s Conference and in our parish a men’s group that meets frequently hosting breakfasts, mini retreats and prayer groups. 

FFG: What is the goal of the annual Men's Conference? What kind of feedback to you get from guys who attend?

Repollet: The goal is to bring men together to help them strengthen their faith and to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, making them better men in their homes, community and society in general. Feedback from the past two conferences has been very positive. Most men feel that this type of event is very important because it offers a platform where they can share their concerns and see how other men are going through similar situations.

FFG: Tell about your own faith and family life. How do you see your role as a

Repollet: I call it the triangle! God, Family and Community. Since I was a kid, my life revolved around parish life. I have carried that faith and love for the Church through to my adult life. My family is everything. Having a strong faith is vital. As a stepfather my biggest responsibility is to make sure my family continues that love and faith in God. My oldest is now teaching CCD!

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