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‘God has truly blessed us’

David Bonacci and his wife, Courtney, welcomed their adopted newborn son on May 1, 2009, after four years of marriage. As new parents, they are preparing to have the best Christmas ever. Fathers for Good contacted David, 41, who is the brother of noted Catholic speaker Mary Beth Bonacci, at his home in Alameda, California.

David and Courtney Bonacci

David and Courtney Bonacci with their son, James Leo.

Fathers for Good: How life has changed with a newborn?

Bonacci: Having suffered through several years of infertility, my wife and I had plenty of time to think about and prepare for parenthood. With the birth of our perfect little adopted boy (James Leo), the pain of years of waiting was completely forgotten. While our lives have completely changed – we have lost much of our personal and financial freedom – I wouldn’t change one thing about our current situation. The joy that this little baby gives us is worth all of the material goods in the world, and then some. At the risk of sounding nauseatingly sappy, I can’t write about little Leo without talking about how he has taught me about love. How crazy is it that I wouldn’t think twice about giving everything including my life to make sure that this little creature who can’t even talk is safe and taken care of?

FFG: Any special plans this Christmas?

Bonacci: For us, the holidays are all about family. Like every Christmas, we’ll be visiting the extended Bonacci family in Denver. We’ll see the Bonacci grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. But having the newest Bonacci in tow will surely give it a different flavor this year. While Christmas is always festive, the Christmas joy is amplified with children present. I’m giddy with excitement knowing that we now have a child of our own to experience this pure child-like Christmas joy for years to come. And for mommy and daddy, little Leo is the best Christmas present that we ever could have hoped for.

FFG: Has becoming a father made you a better man and husband?

Bonacci: You’ll have to ask my wife, but I believe that Leo has made me both a better man and a better husband. I now have a defenseless, tiny little human being dependent upon me for his very survival. The responsibilities that I thought I’d dread prior to having the baby, like waking up in the middle of the night and changing dirty diapers, I now don’t think twice of doing. In fact, I rather enjoy doing these seemingly dreadful activities as they give me quality time to spend with the little guy. I spend enough time away from him as it is. Now whether or not this makes me a better man and a better husband is up for debate. But there’s no question that becoming a father has made me a much happier man.

FFG: What comes to mind when you think, “I'm a dad”?

Bonacci: I’m still not used to the new “Dad” designation. I’m not quite sure that I’m eligible for such a lofty title. From an intellectual perspective, the fact that I’m responsible for this little guy’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well being scares the bejeeberz out of me. I just hope that I don’t let him down. But from the emotional perspective, I’m relishing every second of this new gig. I can speak for my wife as well when I say that we have never been happier than we are right now. God has truly blessed us.