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Give Thanks to Dads

Past Newsworthy Dads

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Fathers for Good asked college students to talk about what their fathers mean to them.



Paul Shovelain of St. Thomas University



Students of Yale University’s pro-life club, from left, Margaret Blume, Matt Gerken, Sheena Hilton, Andrew Tschirhart, and Caroline Swinehart.





Jordan Davis of the University of Wisconsin



Connecticut Catholic Men's Conference


Crossing the Goal

Former NFL All-Pro Danny Abramowicz, host of a men's spirituality program on EWTN, talks about becoming a true man of God. He was the keynote speaker at the November 15 Connecticut Catholic Men's Conference.



A Wake-Up Message for Men

(The following is a summary of the themes from the first Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference, held November 15 at the Hartford Convention Center, where 841 men gathered. The list of speakers is below.)

Men … Gentlemen … Fathers … Dads … Guys …

 Listen up!

Do you know Jesus? Not just know about him … but know him as one man to another, know him as your God in the flesh.

Do you love him? Don’t roll your eyes. Not touchy-feely, but real masculine love.


Speakers Danny Abramowicz and Sean Forrest meet at men's conference.

What’s that?

Listen up, guys!

He went to the cross to die for you and your sins. Will you sacrifice your life for him?

Will you give up an hour of Sunday football to keep holy the Lord’s Day by going to Mass?

Will you listen to what your wife is really saying instead of nodding a half-hearted “Uh, huh”?

Will you spend time with your kids who are really aching to be with you, laugh with you, learn from you, talk with you, look up to you?

Yes? Then start this way:

Write a note tonight to your wife and to your children, telling them how much you love them – yes, LOVE them. They need a man’s love, a husband’s love, a dad’s love, YOUR LOVE!

Sure, they know you love them …OR DO THEY? Have you ever said out loud, I love you … ? Have you ever put “I love you” in writing?

Guys … fathers … dads … Here’s the truth …

If you write this letter tonight you will NOT die from embarrassment …. Your wife and kids will NOT laugh and say you’re a wimp … And you will never regret it for the rest of your life.

If you live out that love from now until the end of your days … you will die a happy man. Guaranteed!

GUYS, get serious.

Let’s get serious about LOVE. You don’t need to get all gushy and teary-eyed and Oprah-like.

Love is tough. Love is the Cross. Love is the blood of Christ mixed with your own blood, sweat and effort. Love is giving your life so others can live.

What sin will you give up to show that you love Jesus?

What past, shameful sin that you never told anyone about will you tell now to a priest in the Sacrament of Confession – so that you will become closer to Jesus? So that your slate will be wiped clean? So that you will be set FREE?

Petty theft? … Ripping off your employer? … Cheating on your wife? … Masturbation (don’t you hate that word)? … Playboy porn? … Internet porn (just a peek)? … Sexual fantasies (not just the fleeting thoughts or strong temptations that everyone has) … Coveting your neighbor’s wife? … Flirting with the “girls” at work (harmless fun? Watch out!) …?

How about missing Mass on Sunday (it’s still a mortal sin) … Taking God’s name in vain … Using offensive language and constant curses … You get the idea …

Go through the Ten Commandments and examine yourself, your conscience. And don’t let yourself off the hook … Don’t excuse yourself or be easy on yourself …

Be honest! Be a man!

Don’t say – “I’m basically a good guy.” No one is good but God!

God is Father. What father does not discipline his child? What father fails to give his kids the training they need to succeed? In this case the goal is heaven, and you have to give your son and your daughter the road map of the faith. You have to blaze the trail before them.

Here’s another thing: God is out to get you. Not embarrass or demean you, but get you over to his side.

This is war. Your soul is the battlefield. The devil is the enemy, stronger than you and a whole lot smarter. He’s made men much bigger and braver than you fall. Jesus Christ is your defender, but you’ve got to get in line, man the ramparts, fight the good fight.

God is on your side, by your side. Where are you, lost somewhere in sin? AWOL, a traitor, disgraced?

There’s still time. There is room in the ranks. This is your recruiting call. Jesus is knocking on the door to your heart. But you have to open. You have to say, Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord Jesus.

The angels in heaven will rejoice. Your family will love you. You will be truly a man of God.

Go now, and get ready. The best is yet to come!

Speaking at the Nov. 15 conference were:

Danny Abramowicz, the former all-pro wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and author of the book Spiritual Workout of a Former Saint. He hosts “Crossing the Goal,” a male spirituality show on EWTN;

Father Larry Richards, a radio host and founder of The Reason for Our Hope;

Father Charles Sikorsky, a Legion of Christ priest and President of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences;

Sean Wolfington, producer of the pro-life movie Bella;

Sean Forrest, a Catholic motivational speaker and founder of the renewal ministry called Movin' With The Spirit.

The closing Mass was offered by the heads of the three Connecticut dioceses, Archbishop Henry Mansell of Hartford, Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport and Bishop Michael Cote of Norwich.