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Window to the Womb

Ultrasound can make all the difference in life.

The Knights of Columbus launched a major program two years ago to place ultrasound machines in pro-life pregnancy centers throughout the United States. Thus far, more than 60 machines have been delivered to centers in 25 states, with more to come.

As pro-life chairman of the K of C’s Nebraska State Council, Mike Thompson helped place an ultrasound machine in the Collage Center in Kearney, where up to a dozen women have already chosen life as a result of seeing their baby on the ultrasound. (View the video “Changing Hearts” about the program.)

He and Barbara, his wife of 25 years, have an adopted daughter. He is a past grand knight of the two Knights of Columbus councils in Kearney.

Fathers for Good spoke to Thompson about the ultrasound program.

Fathers for Good: What do you hope to accomplish with the ultrasound program in Nebraska? Have lives been saved?

Mike and Barbara Thompson with their adopted daughter Dawn, who is 12 years old.

Thompson: By placing an ultrasound machine in a pregnancy center, we wanted to offer women a chance to see the baby, the human life that was growing in their womb. In part, women seeing the baby on the ultrasound machine has saved at least a dozen babies.

FFG:  How do you respond to people who say that pro-lifers only care about the baby in the womb? What does the Knights of Columbus in Nebraska do for mothers and newborns in need?

Thompson: Here in Nebraska, by the direction of the State Officers, we began the support of women’s health centers, along with support after their children were born. We have also partnered with an adoption agency, Nebraska Children’s Home Society, to develop a classroom curriculum in which students learn about adoption as a choice. This has been used in over 230 schools. I also know of local councils that have helped with a mother and child after the birth of the child. Pro-life means life from conception until death, and everything in between.

FFG: How do you bring the pro-life message home to your own family?

Thompson: In our home, pro-life and family life go hand in hand.

Our daughter is adopted and understands the choices her birth mother made to give her a life. This could have gone down a very different path. A few years ago, we had a meeting with the State Officers in eastern Nebraska. As we were going to the meeting, we saw a group of men and women praying the rosary in a parking lot. My daughter asked why they were praying the rosary there and I explained to her that was an abortion clinic. She was so angry that those people in the clinic would take babies’ lives that when we got home, she wrote them a letter telling them how wrong they were for taking the lives of babies.

FFG: How does the Knights of Columbus help you live your faith?

Thompson: The Knights of Columbus for me is the vehicle that helps me to do the job that Christ asked us all to do – serve one another. It is this service to others that is the cornerstone of my faith. That’s my job, to be a sower of seeds. By my actions, I live out my faith and I leave the harvesting to God. That’s his job!

Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Program