Special Feature

How Cyberporn Damages Marriage

Here are 10 of the leading ways in which a man’s use of Internet pornography can damage marital love, according to Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons of the Institute for Marital Healing:

1. Growth in narcissism, the major enemy of marital love.

2. Lack of refinement in self-giving to the romantic aspect of marriage and to the intimate relationship.

3. Obsession with one’s own pleasure.

4. Decreased self-giving to one’s spouse.

5. Diminished communication with one’s spouse and harm to the marital friendship.

6. Damage to the wife’s ability to trust and then to experience pleasure with her husband.

7. Marital loneliness, anger and conflicts.

8. A disordered view of beauty, goodness, the human person and sexuality.

9. Increased vulnerability to commit adultery.

10. Marital separation.