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I tell my children to be honest always, never cheat, and always do their best, no matter what. No quitters, no whining, fine young ladies and gents.



1. Put God first
2. Family next
3. Love your neighbor as yourself

Just the basics.



Success is choosing to enter the arena of action,
determined to give yourself to a cause that will better
humanity and last for eternity.



1)Live the golden rule
2)Understand that what you do has meaning



Ideas: The three Rs



Sir Knight Ortelio


Live by example.
Sounds easy enough, but when we have to practice what we preach, we have to take a good look at what the kids are seeing, and not what they hear. In our home we have made the choice to be foster-parents and then later, an adoptive family. My older children know what is is to have nothing, they've seen it first hand. They've dug through their drawers to find clothes, pajamas and toys for the kids that come to us with literally nothing. Our family made the decision that if you want to make the world a better place, you have to start at home. Plan for the worst, expect the best of others and leave the rest up to God! If you want to make a positive change, you have to sow, nurture and protect your crop, family and lifestyle. No it is not easy to make sacrifices, but the rewards are eternal! I know most Knights are involved in many aspects of the Church, but remember that old saying children are our future, believe it!



Your list nails it . . . but I'd add

11. Men and Women are different-
We can't change that. It's meant to be that way. So daughters wait for the door to be opened, and sons open it! (not literally, just consider the point)

12. Priest are like superheroes-
They have supernatural powers that humanity needs to keep from all kinds of disasters.



Ideas: I try to teach my children (and I believe I have done so) the importance of being Charitable. With their time, abilties and financially as well.



Like out Father above, our parental love is unconditional.

I always tell my kids that I will always love them for who they are - my sons and daughter which will never change.

Their talents, abilities, looks and achievements nor their failures and mistakes in life do not affect the reasons for the love and affection I have for them.

By constantly reminding them, I pray the foundation in life that a strong family has to offer will guide them in their path as Catholics.



Ideas: Give Your Word! When you make a promise, KEEP IT!
Let it be known that you are a man of your word.

George Sr.


The Holy Spirit is powerful. We received many gifts from the Holy Spirit through Baptism and strengthen through Confirmation. Believe in your gifts and pray to the Holy Spirit to strengthen your gifts, especially the gift of wisdom, the foundation of all other gift. Pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom especially before making decisions.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is our most precious gift from God since we receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus each time we receive Holy Communion. By receiving the Eucharist frequently and with sincere gratitude, we become more strongly united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our Blessed Lady is a powerful intercessor. By uniting our hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through devotion to Our Lady, we also unite ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Three Hearts united form a powerful union.

Trust in the Divine Mercy of God. When you offend Our Lord, receive the Sacrament of Reconcilliation. Courageously accept your failings, and humbly beg forgivess from Our Lord.

Remember that God has assigned to each of us a guardian angel to look after and guard us from evil. Develop a special relationship with your guardian angel through prayer. Call upon your angel especially during difficult times.



How to listen is something all kids need to know
How not to judge
How to lead by example



I always try to teach and model two things: Respect & Dignity.

Respect yourself, respect your elders, respect the dignity of others.

When you recognize that everyone possesses human dignity and deserves your respect, suddenly tolerance and understanding take precedence over meaninglessness and petty differences.

Daniel Marcinek


Have honor and honesty in ALL THINGS. A man's word, and deed, IS there BOND.

Serve your Church, country, your neighbor with distinction and self-lessness.



1. See that all things are good.
2. Make them aware of bad effects of smoking.
3. Make them aware of bad effects of drugs.
4. Make them aware of bad effects of liquor.
5. Let them know that a family is a family unity
   and its foundation should be very strong.
6. Let them know that each of them should be
   a participating member of a family decision.
7. Let them know that the parents respects
and they should receprocate this respect.
8. Let them know that within them there is
no favorite and they are all equally treated
and equally loved.
9. Let them know that each of them has their own responsibility in the family.
10. And, let them know that the parents do their sacrifices and struggle for their future.

Francisco G.


1. Always put god first in your life. I remember when my oldest son Frank, who is was in 8th grade as Assumption BVM in West Grove,PA was asked a question by his teacher.  She said "that God loves you the most".  My son raised his hand and questioned Sister Edwardine about her statement.  He said "that no one loves me more than my parents".  She was amazed at the answer and called us at home because of his public expression of his parent's love.  Certainly she explained and he understood that god does indeed love us the most.
2. Good parenting is critical to shaping a child's future behaviour.  Love, guidance and training start in the home.  It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children about god, love and good moral behaviour.
3. Let your children know that you will always be there, in both good or bad times.  My wife Maggie and I are parents, but also friends to our 4 sons.  We can count on each other to discuss good experiences as well as life's challenges.  Building that sort of trust is very rewarding!
4. Set a good example by attending Church regularly.  As parents, we must always set a good example.  We too make mistakes in life but we should admit them when they occur.  Our children are watching closely!
5. Your children can always know that they will make mistakes.  When they do, we as parents must be there to help them to let them know that no one is perfect, except for god, and we all make mistakes.  It's what we do to correct them!
6. We have always taught our children to think with their heart.  When challenged with a tough decision we always remind them to do what is in their heart.  We remind them as well that praying to god is most important and he is in their heart.   



1. You must take care your: faith, live, and your virginity.

Jesus P.


1) By your baptism you are a son of God.
2) You must strive to live a holy life, that of a Saint.  Saints are not mystical heroic figures, but are what God has put each of us on this earth to become.
3) Prayer is essential to the development of your spiritual life and to understand God's will for you.
4) No person will get you closer to Jesus than his Mother, our Mother.  Turn to Mary and she will guide you to her son.
5) The sacraments are Jesus's gift to us and we will never become who we are called to be if we do not take advantage of them, and frequently.  Especially the sacraments of the Eucharist and Penance.
6) Spiritual reading is a must to keep us on our path to God.  Not only daily reading of the scriptures, but also some good Catholic works that will help us increase our understanding of the faith and feed our prayer life.
7) Adore Jesus in the blessed Sacrament.  Our God is truly present...body, soul, and divinety in the Holy Eucharist.  Spend time with him in the tabernacle as often as possible and never pass by a tabernacle without taking a moment to speak with him from your heart.
8) The gift of faith you have received is not given for you to keep locked up in yourself.  It is given for you to spread to others.  Help others to know and love Jesus.
9) Prayer and mortification are your best tools to help those you love come closer to Jesus.
10) Humility, Humility, Humility

Jeff S.


1. No one is perfect. The fact that we are human makes us imperfect. You will make mistakes, try to learn from them.

2. Everything happens for a reason. It's all part of God's plan for you. Although it may not be clear at first.  Later in life we will understand.

3. You can choose your friends but not your family. True family does not have to be direct relatives sometimes you can end up being closer to a friend than your own family. But, you will always have a bond with your biological family.

4. In order to love someone you must love yourself. Until you love yourself, it's impossible to truly love another person.

5. The only love greater than the love I have for my children. Is the love God has for us.

6. The world will never be without evil or temptation. But, we must resist it at all cost if we wish to find eternal life in heaven.

7. It is more important to do what makes you happy, rather than doing what other people want you to do.  If you deny yourself your own hopes and dreams for the sake of others, you will never find true happiness.

8. Try to always see the good in every experience in your life.  Even the bad experiences can teach us lessons that are invaluable.

9. Never mock or ridicule another person.  Treat other people as you would like to be treated and you will be rewarded in this life and in heaven.

10. Always remember that when life seems impossible and you don't know where to turn or who to talk to, you can always talk to God. You are never alone! He is always there for you!!

Jerry B.