Best-Ever Father's Day


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Every year my wife has made a card with our three children. Each one puts something special, like a flower from the garden, or a cutout heart. It's more special because they take time with it. I'm a lucky man.

Jerry P.

I think Fathers Day is a big ripoff. We never get the attention that Mothers Day has. Maybe you can write something about that.

Larry Gags

Where do I start? I guess I have the best wife in the world. She actually makes Father's day special.

Arnold P.

This year Fathers Day is the same day as our anniversary, so maybe this year will be the most memorable ever. Check back and see if I have anything to report!

Stephen V


I started smoking cigarettes when I was sixteen years of age. It took about eight years to realize what I had been doing to my health and that of others. Quiting was difficult to say the least. By the time I was 32 I had four young children and still had a smoking addiction. My Kids all gave me presents that Father's Day.  I received crayon drawings and finger paint paintings along with a ceramic imprint of my daughter's hand. I chose to give myself a Father's day present that same day.  I got a Doctor's appointment the next morning.  The Doctor prescribed Nicorette Gum and gave me some literature with ideas to help me quit.  It helped me through the rough spots over the next 45 days. Since then, I have been smoke free. Did I mention prayer.  It was a difficult 45 days and their was a lot of prayer and gum. I am 58. My Wife, Children and Grandchildren along with myself are happy I am no longer smoking. Has since been my favorite Father's Day.

John B.


As a father, husband, friend, veteran, and provider of my family I appreciate the K of C efforts in recognizing all fathers during Father's Day.............sometimes us fathers just don't seem to get enough recognition these days............

Pat A.

Question: This year will be my most memorable Fathers Day. My dad has terminal cancer and I'm flying to California to spend some time with him on what will be his last Fathers Day. He is in Council 12887 in Roseville Ca. I'm in council 9257 Milwaukie OR because of him.
We'll laugh and cry and remember a life of father and son loving each other.

Name: Jim Tharp

It was during a family cub scout camp out the weekend of father's day. I distinctly remember being awakened from a deep sleep by the sensation of a kiss. It felt like an angel.  I awoke to see my young cub scout son returning to his sleeping bag.

Paul S.

My first Father's Day was probably the best. We had been married just a year, and my wife gets me a card - not a Father's Day card - but a card that says "You're a Daddy!" She had just taken a pregnancy test and it was positive! You can't forget something like that.


My wife used to give me breakfast in bed, but I got too many crumbs in the sheets! Now we just exchange cards and engage in "acts proper to marriage" as the Catechism says. LOL.

Carl J.

When my two boys were in their early teens, "family Adventure" was the preferred method of spending "quality time" together.

In our family of avid SCUBA divers, boaters, and fishermen, Father's Day weekend was subsequently transformed into an "Eat - Sleep - and Dive" weekend.

From early Friday evening through very early Monday morning ... except for attending Sunday Mass together ... that was all we did.

Our chosen site was a beautiful, clear, 7 mile long by 2 mile wide, 242 deep lake, located in central Wisconsin.

Our base was a well equipped, 21 foot boat that was just big enough to carry four or five divers, complete with necessary gear and supplies.  

We maintained no regular schedule. Dives took place at all hours of the day and night, with only the shortest, most essential breaks for food or sleep.

There were deep dives, navigation dives, fish-spearing dives, night dives, and tow behind the boat dives, as well as special dives using new, experimental gear.

Semi-military procedures were employed throughout the weekend, and the boys loved it.

Meanwhile, mom was suitably billeted at a nearby deluxe, spa/resort hotel, where she could call us on the radio whenever she chose to participate.

This went on for a number of years before the boys eventually "grew out of it", but we still enjoy reminiscing about those days.

Not surprisingly, neither of my boys have ever given me a moment of trouble, and to this day, they always make time for Mass, even when they are away on a business trip or vacation.

Happy Father's Day to all!

Larry D.

Just to let you know that there are wives who are interested in your site. I'll get my husband to answer this, but I think the best Father's Day he ever had was when we took the kids hiking. I hate hiking! But I went along, blisters and all. I think he appreciated it.



Hello. Jennifer is my wife, she said she wants me to tell about my best Father's Day, but she won't tell me what she put down. Guys help me out here. Is that fair? Anyway, every Father's Day is a gift to me because I have my wife and kids with me. I know the kids will move out one day and probably not remember Father's Day till they have kids of their own. So I take each Father's Day as a gift for now.

Frank K.

I have always tried to be a good Father. I know I have not always succeeded but I have tried. I love my children and 5 grandchildren so very much. I try to stay well-informed by watching the news, etc. and I am always sadden by hearing and reading about all the young people who are without fathers. This alone has always kept me focused.

It is not easy to be a good father but it is easy to love them. My biggest fault is not always going to church. This is so very important and I don't even have a good excuse. But, that said, I am and always will be a good Catholic. I pray daily, try to read the Bible and I always try to live like a good man. I am 58 years old, I have Multiple Sclerosis (Primary Progressive), I suffer from Neuropathy, can't walk so very good any more but I am still a good man and am very happy with life.

Life is way-to-short not to be happy and to be a good man! Now if only I can figure out how to get back to church.

Chris R.


My best Father's Day: June 20th, 1993. (Sunday and my Birthday)

I was a year into my divorce and broke.

There was NO way I could out spend my EX and therefore I tried to do simple things.

There was (is) a forest preserve in Garland Texas, I don't remember it's name, but because of a recent movie we called it "Fern Gully".

There was a creek that ran through it and someone before us had hung a rope swing over the water. We each took turns swinging on the rope as I was video taping.

I recently converted all my video's to DVD and I took special care to burn a DVD of just that video to a seperate DVD for each of my three girls and I marked it My favorate Fathers day and Birthday.

I did this last year 2009 on the ocassion of my oldest daughter's wedding day which happened to be June 20th.  My youngest Daughter had been able to take leave from her duties in Iraq to be a brides maid.  I told my oldest daughter that my gift was a Son-"In-Law" as I am son-less.

Guess what, the father of the Groom had been Daughter-less until that same day.  His bithday was (is) June 21st.

Enjoy...and capture memories whenever, you never know when they will be GOLDEN.....

Edward S.

There really isn't one particular Father's Day, because every Father's day with my day was memorable. Since my father passed away two years ago, I can really appreciate how significant my Father was in my life. I will spend this father's day reflecting on the memories we shared together with my family. 
Sheila R.

My best Father's Day was spent with my father. We spent the weekend in Las Vegas with my family, two of my brothers, my sister, and my wife and children. My children had a blast  playing at the pool with their aunt and uncles and we all had breakfast together on our last day, for which my father paid. I also took time with my wife, getting a babysitter one evening when all the adults went out for dinner and gambling.