Health: Every Little Bit Helps

Even a little can mean a lot. This equation applies to many areas of our lives, including our health.

Cutting down a bit on sugar or salt each week can pay big dividends in your waistline or blood pressure. Walking a bit more each day can build your heart and muscle tone.

Yet many of us fall into the “all or nothing” trap. “Tomorrow I begin that no-fat diet!” “Next week I get on that treadmill for an hour!” We say these with steely resolve, then when we sneak a doughnut at lunch or strain a muscle, the whole fitness project is lost. It’ll take a while to build the resolve again.

Focus on the do-able and achievable! That should be our resolve. The fact is, every little bit helps, and by doing simple things consistently we will build a habit that will help us move along the road to better health more easily, and with fewer setbacks or injuries.

The benefits can be astounding.

Step 1: Visit your doctor and ideally get a full physical, especially if you’re over 45.

Step 2: Think in weekly routines, such as cutting out dessert each day for a week, and see the encouraging results.

Step 3: Exercise gradually. A little more walking each week, or climbing the stairs a floor or two instead of hopping the elevator.

Step 4: Keep a positive attitude. Don’t let setbacks turn your around. If you fail one day to keep your new routine, get up the next morning and start anew.